Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 3

Hello everyone, and welcome to the third installment of Brain Food At The Movies, wherein I talk about Star Trek – Into Darkness!

It’s easily one of the most shallow, pandering, lazy pieces of writing slapped on screen that I’ve ever seen, and includes an unfortunate amount of whitewashing in replacing the character of Khan with a white guy, Super Benederp Cucumbatch, when he had been Indian in the original series and played by the most excellent Ricardo Montalban.

4 thoughts on “Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 3

  1. Oh, geez, I agree. I really did not care for it.

    And aside from the whitewashing and racism, the SEXISM. Where were all the women??? Why were the only two featured women attached to powerful men? I’m rewatching ST:TOS right now, and I’m stunned at how much BETTER the gender equality is. In a 60’s show! We’ve regressed! (Not to mention the superfluous underwear scene in STID and the reduction of the awesome Christine Chapel to the butt of a joke about Kirk’s sex life and Kirk himself reduced to way more of a womanizing caricature than he ever was in the show . . .)

    I have a link roundup of a selection of some of the excellent criticism I’ve found here:

    • Yeahm the gratuitous bra and panties display by Carol Marcus had nearly everyone in the theatre I was in groaning with how…. well, gratuitous it was.

      And it felt like JJ Abrams once again had no idea what to do with Uhura. I thought there was going to be this great scene where she uses her brains instead of Kirk using his brawn to broker some kind of deal with the Klingons… but nope! Super Benederp Cucumberpatch Kid came to the rescue…

      Yeah, she shot the fuck out of him with a Phaser and the relationship between her and Spock was excellently done, if improperly timed while on a DANGEROUS AWAY MISSION… and Aisha Hinds as the bridge officer who replaces Chekov got only two or three lines and she looked fantastic.

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