The Crow Does Not Only Bring Back Cishet White Men


Brandon Lee: The reason why babygoths start out wearing their makeup Crow-style.

Why the studios should stop insisting on a white male lead for the Crow film reboot.

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7 thoughts on “The Crow Does Not Only Bring Back Cishet White Men

  1. This is why I scoff whenever I hear somebody crying about all of the “progress” we’ve made. I look at the 80’s and 90’s at even their cheesiest, afterschool special moments and can’t help but feel that we’ve only backtracked from there.

    • I completely agree with that. Probably because that was before the whole “post-racial” thing happened and “you can’t have diversity for diversity’s sake because that’s just politically correct censorship” or something.

    • I don’t think we’ve made much progress – but I wouldn’t say we’ve backtracked from the 80s and 90 – there was a horrendous amount of erasure even above and beyond what we have now. Stereotypes then and now abounded

    • Even the 90’s had more representation than now. They’ve definitely backtracked since then.

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