Goth Culture Has A Race Problem

Hat tip to the author on a most excellent piece and a must read.


2 thoughts on “Goth Culture Has A Race Problem

  1. I find subcultures and quasi-subcultures: goths, emos, punks, BDSM, furry, you name it – tend to have major problems with marginalised people. Not because they’re inherently worse than mainstream culture (because that would be pretty damn hard), but because they’re subculture-ness is often seen as a pass or automatically inclusive just BECAUSE without any kind of actual inclusion. Being part of the subculture somehow means inclusion is magically not an issue

    There’s also a tendency to look at actual marginalised groups AS subcultures – so “you can’t be part of mine because you’re already part of yours”. And, of course, there’s a whole lot of appropriation of oppression both specifically and in general and drawing comparisons and assuming non-subculture members (even marginalised ones) have privilege over them.

    • “There‚Äôs also a tendency to look at actual marginalised groups AS subcultures”

      That… Actually seems to explain it. I haven’t thought of it that way before.

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