DC Comics Screwing Up – The Trap Card

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another installment of DC Comics Fucking Up that I like to call… The Trap Card!

Here it is on youtube:

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And for further information, I’ve included some of the links that delves further into some of the things I mentioned in the video.
Chris Sprouse Leaves Adventures of Anthology #1.

Interview With Richard Neal of Zeus’ Comics

USA Today Discusses Chris Sprouse Leaving The Superman Anthology.

Summit Entertainment Executives Nervous About Adapting Homophobic Bigot’s Book Into Movie And People Finding Out That The Movie Is Based Off Of A Homophobic Bigot’s Book.

Nubian Heroines: A Tribute


Now I KNOW you all didn’t think I was done celebrating all things black geekery just because February is over.

In this special post, I want to show some love and celebrate a very special group that is close to my heart: black women.

It’s no secret that characters of color, well people of color in general (artists, authors, actors, etc.) are regularly on the receiving end of the worst kind of racist and misogynistic denigration.

Anyone who has participated in fandom knows the type of disgusting hatred that the characters and the actresses who portray Tara from True Blood, Guinevere from Merlin and Dr. Martha Jones from Doctor Who regularly receives.

And there’s a reason for that.

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Brain Food – Playwright’s Delight! – Episode 1

Hello everyone and welcome to a special episode of Brain Food I like to call… Playwright’s Delight!

In this episode, I discuss the script of Shawn C Harris’ play, Tulpa, or Anne & Me. I hope everyone enjoys it!


And here it is on youtube as well.

Also, here are the links I mentioned in the video:

Racist Bigot Maryann Johanson defends the Onion Tweet. Read as she completely misses the point about satire, history, racism, the treatment of black women in American history…!

Kirsten West Savali talks about how white feminists dropped the ball in not coming to Quevenzhane Wallis’ defence.

The Harlem Shake, You’re Doing It Wrong

New Rule! No more viral Harlem Shake response/parody videos. Reasons being:

1) It’s not funny

2) It’s not cute

3) It’s NOT the Harlem Shake

4) 98 percent of you still have no rhythm and still cannot dance

Melissa Harris Perry sums up every issue and point I wanted to make about these videos and why they are extremely problematic.

This video also illustrates what the REAL Harlem Shake looks like and how it is properly done.