DC Comics Screwing Up – The Trap Card

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another installment of DC Comics Fucking Up that I like to call… The Trap Card!

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And for further information, I’ve included some of the links that delves further into some of the things I mentioned in the video.
Chris Sprouse Leaves Adventures of Anthology #1.

Interview With Richard Neal of Zeus’ Comics

USA Today Discusses Chris Sprouse Leaving The Superman Anthology.

Summit Entertainment Executives Nervous About Adapting Homophobic Bigot’s Book Into Movie And People Finding Out That The Movie Is Based Off Of A Homophobic Bigot’s Book.

10 thoughts on “DC Comics Screwing Up – The Trap Card

  1. Mofo, you did not just feature a track from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, soundtrack.

    I AM DONE!!!!!! šŸ˜‰

  2. I like how you point out that racism and homophobia are linked. I’m seeing this struggle (wanting accurate representation of characters, the one step forward, one step back, and homophobia in general) in the Once Upon a Time fandom community. They’ve been slowly wilting away and pissing off the LGBT*Q portion of the fandom (which I am apart of ) and as a result they’re ratings are going down. Hopefully, companies like DC and ABC will realize that everyone deserves to feel safe and not have to worry about people having an anti-minority agenda.

    • Thank you.

      The more I’ve been reading and learning, the more I see that there appears to be this disconnect between racism and homophobia when they’re as connected as anything else like sexism and classism. And as a fan of Once Upon A Time, I’ve been hearing my friends who have been following season 2 voice solid critiques about the show with regards to all of that as well as the subsequent drop in ratings the more that the writers, as well as comments from Ginnifer Goodwin, alienate and infuriate the LGBTQ fans and good, decent people.

      I wanted to specifically mention that in the video, the comparison between the ABC and DC Comics, but when I make videos like these, I treat it like a university statement, and my professors always told me to keep it on subject, and the subject was DC Comics screwing up.

      Another disconnect I’ve seen is between mainstream feminism and women of colour, specifically black women. The tweet from the Onion called Quvenzhane Wallis the C-Word and the lack of defence from just about any majour feminist website should be a huge wake up call about that, not to mention how some ‘hairy legged, radical’ feminists, as they called themselves, even defended the Onion tweet, even after the Onion apologized for it.

      Comparing it to Stephanie Brown taking over as Batgirl, and DC Comics pushing Cass Cain aside to do it, it’s this ideal that white feminism, to push their goals of ‘equality’ still need women of colour to step on like a ladder without thought or care for how deeply their feels dig in.

      • These are all excellent points. Especially with the Ginny comments. I’m not sure if you’ve seen some of the braver fans calling out the writers only to get their sound arguments shot down. It saddens me to see this disconnect between all the isms (classism, sexism, racism) because they are all connected. What one does to one minority effects all minorities. But yet, if you look at American history ( keep in mind I’m still researching this so I might be getting things wrong) the only way any minorities have gotten anything, is become the oppressors themselves and thus they are allowed to have some privilege. I really wish that people could see that and that everyone could fight against the isms and phobias together and make a better world for all, not just their select group.

        • Someone on tumblr once made a REALLY good counterpoint talking about your points, about one oppressed group stepping on another to become privileged, and it was about the Irish in a knockdown of white people saying “I’m Irish, we were as oppressed as black people!”

          Now, England did some shitty things to the Irish, but what the person explained was that the Irish got over that by hating on black people and owning slaves, thus making themselves more privileged than before. I wish I still had the link, but it was brilliantly written and knocked out that myth that the Irish being oppressed meant that they could ignore their white privilege.

          And I’ve seen some of the tweets of the writers shitting all over the people bringing up strong, valid points. Adam said they had diversity by having a dwarf and a fairy get together…

          And once more, they fall back on the racist trope of imaginary races holding more importance and relevance in a story than ACTUAL RACES IN THE REAL WORLD… not to mention that that pairing was heterosexual and not homosexual and… ugh… -_-

          Not to mention that Grumpy and that fairy (and fairy being a homophobic slur against gay men) DON’T get together because of concern-trolling from older dwarves and fairies, so the metaphore comes off as gay people not deserving a happy ending and they should be satisfied with their lot in life and nothing more…

          … and that once more, Regina Mills should be hailed as a fucking HERO to the ungrateful shits in Storybrooke since she saved them from an oppressive system of society and gave Grumpy and the fairy a chance to be happy together! >_<

          • Sir/Madam/whichever gender pronoun you prefer,
            May I hug you?! Because literally all of that was what I’ve been trying to say and tell people. Thank you for putting it so brilliantly

  3. 20 years ago, something happened.

    OSC used to be an agnostic, leaning heavily toward atheism. he was *VERY* liberal, and counted i don’t know HOW many LGBT people as friends. he spoke against every ism one can name, he was all about throwing off hate and oppression, he actively attended sci-fi cons and spoke about how sci-fi was going to [continue to] show humanity how to grow up and be good, be inclusive, stop hating and start loving people BECAUSE they’re people, without caring what people do if it doesn’t cause harm.

    and then – i swear to gods, it’s like was fucking possessed one day. he was always technically Mormon, but he hadn’t ever been active, hadn’t believed it. but he woke up one day was actively espousing mormonism, and their fucked up ideals and such. his beliefs flipped 180.

    did he have an aneurism or something? or maybe he really was possessed by a demon, if i believe in such… i don’t know. but it was [or at least appears to have been] sudden and almost literally over night.

    and it makes me so, so very fucking sad. he wrote some awesome stuff – Ender’s Game is a case in point! it was so very awesome, all these kids from literally EVERYWHERE, and NONE of them were discriminated against because they were black or asian or indian or native or whatever. even the few girls in Battle School were [mostly] treated the same, and those who didn’t treat them equally were FIRMLY presented as bad people for doing so. there were kids who, while they were KIDS, you got the idea they were gay or bi [would be gay or bi when they grew up enough to be, is what i mean]. there were poor kids and rich kids, and they were all treated THE SAME.

    i wish to gods i knew what the hell happened to the man. he used to be so COOL. he was a bit of a hero of mine, and every time i talked to him i walked away feeling enlightened and less alone.
    then i saw him again and it was… *shudder*
    he – for the first time ever – didnt recognize me [or, at least, acted as if he didn’t. he has a HUGE theater background, it’s possible he was acting] and if he didn’t look EXACTLY the same, i never would have thought they were the same person. at ALL.

    it makes me want to weep, for so many reasons. not the least of which is i can never read his work again, or recommend it to anyone else, EVER – and his old work is amazing. but i still can’t. i just CAN’T.


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