The Harlem Shake, You’re Doing It Wrong

New Rule! No more viral Harlem Shake response/parody videos. Reasons being:

1) It’s not funny

2) It’s not cute

3) It’s NOT the Harlem Shake

4) 98 percent of you still have no rhythm and still cannot dance

Melissa Harris Perry sums up every issue and point I wanted to make about these videos and why they are extremely problematic.

This video also illustrates what the REAL Harlem Shake looks like and how it is properly done.

5 thoughts on “The Harlem Shake, You’re Doing It Wrong

  1. Not looking at the ‘tube comments and ignoring most articles about the Harlem Shake because it still goes over people’s heads when being set straight.

    But still–damn!– she dropping knowledge like rain! =)

  2. Considering how commercials use old school R&B and rap music as their jingles, I’m not surprised this is another thing they would capitalize off of.

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