Harriet Tubman: Vampire Huntress


In which Black History and Black Geekdom collide.

So this past summer when I saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I geeked out when Harriet Tubman made a cameo.

I stated then that Ms. Tubman needed her own spinoff. Upon further research, I soon learned that portraying Tubman as a demon huntress wouldn’t require that much suspension of disbelief.

no really it wouldn’t…….

2 thoughts on “Harriet Tubman: Vampire Huntress

  1. When I was in Grade 4, for English class we were given the choice of picking out our own books to read and write a short report on, and one of the first ones I picked for myself was a kind of history book on Hariet Tubman told with dramatization, like a docudrama, I suppose.

    And the things she did were amazing, from what I can recall, so yeah, she could totally be a demon huntress.

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