(Open discussion) Who wins the Clueless White Girl Award: Snow White or Sookie Stackhouse?

In a showdown for Most Clueless White Girl On TV, who would win? Once Upon A Time‘s Snow White or True Blood‘s Sookie Stackhouse?


Feel free to talk about:

  • The way they interact with women of color
  • How they position themselves as pure and innocent and sweet when they’re anything but
  • How many folks they get killed because they “didn’t know better”
  • The way fandom responds to them
  • And more!

6 thoughts on “(Open discussion) Who wins the Clueless White Girl Award: Snow White or Sookie Stackhouse?

  1. Gotta be Sookie!!! She doesn’t even get WHY Tara is pissed off at her after she A). got Tara killed and then B). brought her back as a vampire despite knowing Tara’s hatred of vampires!!! 😦

  2. Good lord, I’d heard about the fail of Sookie as compared to Snow, but I was going to choose Snow as she was being willfully ignorant of Regina’s pain and the part that she played in it.

    I was also going by first season impressions, as I’ve seen only the first season of both Once Upon A Time and True Blood, but wow, Sookie sounds like a real winner… I even think I saw one animated gif where she tried to pull out the Racism Card on Tara in an attempt to call her on her hatred of vampires, calling said bigotry racism.

  3. For me, Sookie, no question. Only seen 3 series of True Blood, 1 and a bit of Once Upon a Time though. But I can’t remember Snow doing anything particularly stupid except for, as a child, telling Regina’s mum about her boyfriend (except maybe taking in random strange Emmas out of the goodness of her heart) . She always seemed more bland than awful, excepting perhaps that she’s representing a very rigid idea of being pure and desirable or whatever, but I don’t think that applies any less to Sookie.

    Sookie on the other hand…her boyfriend is attractive because he’s a real Civil War era gentleman (um) and a literal “kill it with fire” monster. She’s also in a thing with Eric, who is attractive because he’s even worse. She’s repeatedly doing massively stupid and dangerous things, and her interactions with Tara got to be really terrible.

    I’d go so far as saying that Sookie’s default state is being truly dreadful in various ways. She might occasionally be something else, but rarely. OTOH, Snow’s default state is being bland and saccharine. Most of the time the worst she does is takes screen time from more interesting characters, which IMHO, is true of everyone who isn’t Regina.

  4. I have watched them both and for me it’s Sookie hands down. Now one knows how to make any situation all about themselves like Sookie. Snow may be irritating but she has never accused a marginalized person of being racist against a creature that exists to kill humans.

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