Open World Game Casting Call

As promised I’m going to do the casting call of just the three playable characters in this open world game. Now since LA Noire (darn good game) has that  facial motion capture software. I think that it work with the game to capture the actors. Now that’s out of the way. Here’s the cast.

TITLE: (was going with GTA but I donno)

PLOT Ok this takes place large city similar to Los Angles and New York City. The Story is told from three different characters who later on the game meet up together. The them of the game is not trying to live a dream or to get the dollar, it’s just trying to get by and taking care of business. The missions star slow like driving someone to point A to point B (think red dead redemption).


Name: Jessica Santiago

Age: Mid-30’s

Weapon of Choice: Walter P22

Bio: Born and raised in the city. Her life wasn’t what you call wholesome. Santiago dropped out of high due to fighting and disrespecting the teachers. Started to deal in drugs till she was about 27 after her best friend was killed. So She retired and started to live a clean life raising her daughter. Now working as store manager. Santiago is confronted by an agent who want her to go back into the game to stop her friends who now became drug lords. So now she has to stop her friends and protect her daughter my any means. In the game she meets with Ley and Azami

Actor of choice: Michelle Rodriguez.

Character Skills: Santiago is a standard character who can fight hand to hand as well as weapons. She also good at hagling down prices (clothes, food and weapons).

Side-missions: Along with the missions. Santiago has to spend time with her daughter. Like going shopping, hanging out helping her with her homework.  Also She gets calls from her store to help manage. The side mission also helps the characters balance. Like if the character continues with the missions it helps out with the ending (good, bad, or bittersweat) and the character’s mindset in the game.

Name: Ashley “Ley” Anderson

Age: Early-30’s

Weapon of choice: Beretta 9mm

Bio: Moved with her grandmother after her mom died. Ley like Jessica was born in a hard part of town, but she made her best with what she got. Later on she became a repowoman. Working with a greedy boss, she is tasked with doing illegal things such as stealing a robbing people. Ley is very mild, like she takes the logical approach to things which brings her at odd with Azami (you see why).

Actor of choice: Felicia Pearson

Character Skills: Since Ley is rough and tough person. Her gameplay would be more hand to hand and using heavy weapons such as shotgun and bullpup rifles. As a repowoman, she can pick locks or break down doors.

Side-Missions: Ley can help out her Repo company by doing the collection list. She can goto locations and take the items on the list such as cars and odds and ends. Also she can visit her grandmother from time to time.

Name: Azami “Zamy” Ichikawa

Age: Late 20’s

Weapon of choice: Compact Glock

Bio: A former Child Idol turn Hostess. Azami wanted another break in fame. She is one of the top hostess in Club Oasis in Ginza, Tokyo. Ichikawa’s attitude don’t match her looks. She is foul mouthed and blunt. She came to America to help out with her friend’s new bar in the city. But the bar is on the verge of bankruptcy. So she is forced to work to payoff the debt to ALOT of people, which lands her doing missions which landed her at odds with Ley as she was about to repo the manager’s car. (fun chase scene). But later on in the game Zami ended up working Ley so help pay off the debt and they quickly become friends. Much later on the duo meet up with Santiago.

Actor of Choice: Chiaki Kuriyama

Character Skills: Despite having a big mouth. Ichikawa can sneak around and inside of buildings. Out of the three she can run at a fast pace. She prefers compact weapons such as a razors and pocket pistols and SMGs.

Side-mission: Ichikawa also have to spend time managing the bar. She can entertain the guest (playing pool, Uno, Karaoke, baseball cage and a drinking contest) or help the other Hostess out. (hanging out at bars or just talking). Since she is far from home, Ichikawa can call her family and tell them how she is doing.

Also don’t think that these guys only interact during missions. At times you can hang with each other (goto bars, hang out at each other homes and etc). Like each time each character hangout they full up a trust meter meaning that in missions who have a better chance of succeeding.  Like during a fire fight the other character can jump in and cover you and if you are low on health you can switch out.

Ok What do you guy think, bad, good or what? I was thinking of merging the gameplay of Yakuza series with GTA so that it can just not be another rob a car and cause mayhem. But I was thinking of just making it more of the Yakuza series than GTA. So send me ur feedback. Also you can add missions ideas too.

Also I purposely didn’t add any romance to the plot, it ruins it. but you can. so please share you thoughts. Feedback people. Feedback.

5 thoughts on “Open World Game Casting Call

  1. I don’t know much about the Yakuza games so I don’t really have much of a reference to imagine the gameplay.

    I quite like the social aspect proposed. My favourite part in Saints Row 3 was getting to know your fellows and having fun casual moments like singing while driving, and I would like something like that to be taken further.

    The cast is quite nice, though I’m not too big into the whole digital acting thing. Not really a fan of the whole trying to be cinema direction AAA companies seem to be taking. But I do like that the characters are all women of colour. Women don’t get enough opportunities to be badass gangsters, and it’s like white crime is glamourised in media but the rest are demonised. Well, this just the Hollywood context though since the rest of the world obviously have our own glamourous crime stuff.

    My personal preference would be to play as a single character throughout. I tend to approach this sort of thing like an RPG.

    Mind if I come up with my own version of this?

    • 1. Ok Read this: and look Walkthroughs on Youtube.
      2. That’s why I liked about GTA 4, like you get to learn more about the characters. Not as Much as with saints row. Besides you do more than just causing havoc and mayhem.
      3. Reason why i wanted the motion capture is to actually have the actors to stand out more. Like to actually capture the actors expressions.
      4. Well the idea of playing different characters is to have like a different take on the story. Like it would be boring to play as on character. (refer Yakuza 4 and 5)
      5. Go for it, I want to know what’s people’s take on it.

      Note: This is a prototype to a story I’m working on I might post it on Blasian Narrative.

  2. You know think about the character now. Like it’s the stories that you hear from those people from “down the street”. I can the characters just hanging out like siting on the porch talking. (note: I’m not going with any social angle). yeah I’m going to make this into a light novel.

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