16 thoughts on “DC Comics Hires Homophobic Sci-Fi Author Orson Scott Card to Pen New Superman Series

  1. Are you kidding me?

    I would care more if I had more than 3 DC titles on my pull list right now – I am not about to pick up Superman any time soon, either.

    But I guess if DC wanted to prove they don’t give a crap about my money, they couldn’t have made a more apt hire.

  2. DC seems to actively DIScourage me from picking up ANYTHING they do. From the blatant sexist artwork, to the firing of Gail Simone, to the canceling of Sword of Sorcery, it’s like they don’t care any more.

  3. I sweat to fucking god, if it’s not Dan Slott, being a racist shit over at Marvel, or Stephen Wacker saying that a Black Panther movie with Wakanda is too unrealistic, it’s shit like this!

    So you fire Gail Simone, but rehire her, and then hire this homophobic shithead? Fuck you, DC Comics… fuck you and your white washing, your woman hating, your racist, bigoted, shithead exclusionary garbage!

    I’m going to finish collecting the Secret Six by Gail Simone and that’s it. You’re not getting ANY money out of me!

    And I hear you, Neo, I’m reading mine as well, the one signed by Dan Parent, who’s a hell of a dude!

    • I mean, hell… why am I surprised by this? Why are any of us surprised by this? This was the same company who brought in the new gay Green Lantern by fridging his boyfriend/fiance in his first, fucking issue!

  4. Is he going to write it like his Hamlet revamp? I can see it now – Lex Luther is a gay paedophile – or maybe Superman is the only straight man who escaped Krypton after it was destroyed by holy wrath for too many gay people

    • I honestly would not be surprised at either one.

      But what gets me is this: the editorial at DC Comics has to know that Orson Scott Card is a homophobic bigot and a complete waste of human skin, like Chuck Dixon, so why hire him? They have to know this and it can’t just be about Orson being a good writer or some garbage like that.

      They gave a limited series run of Midnighter to Chuck Dixon, also a known homophobe, and from Neo’s review, it was pure garbage.

      When you’re a big company like DC Comics, even if you’re owned by a bigger company that can line your pockets if you lose out, you have to think about reputation and how that translates into dollars, as well as public blowback.

      Look at the support that JCPenny got after it supported Ellen and that Anti-Gay Straight Families Only denounced them. Same thing for Toys R Us when they sold Life With Archie #16, where Kevin Keller gets married, or the immense blowback from a certain chicken company for openly discriminating against gay marriage.

      In light of all that, what IS the point of hiring an openly homophobic bigot to write one of THE Flagship Characters of your company, someone who has stood for protecting those who can’t protect themselves and who you would never imagine as being homophobic in a million years?

      I’m honestly asking this… what is the marketable value of hiring such an asshole? Not talking about skill for his writing, but the marketable value of his name as it stands now.

      • Unfortunately, there’s plenty of market for Card’s disgusting crap; they’re even making a frakkin’ movie of his “How I Became Hitler By Playing Video Games And Beating Teh Gaiz” book. Straight white fanboys, foam-flecked lips in constant unnecessary motion, feverishly trying to figure whether they want to have Ayn Rand’s babies more than Card’s, and trying to ignore the homoeroticism of their slavering love for OSC.

        DC sucks. Marvel sucks very slightly less. Ima go read manga instead.

        • Heh i stopped reading marvel and DC because of the homophobia and my husband stopped reading manga for the same reason. So very depressing

          • Yeah, there’s plenty of that. Even my beloved Fullmetal Alchemist has “Mr. Garfield”, the lipstick-wearing mustachioed and effeminate boss of the Elrics’ automail mechanic and friend Winry. Thankfully, he’s about the only bit in the whole thing, though of course we don’t exist in any other way in the universe. :/

            SInce I try and aim for the more adult, thinky-type, I don’t run into it as often. The racism and misogyny of manga, though…OMG. I love Japanese people, language, and culture, but MAN they can be xenophobic sometimes.

  5. You know, some authors I’ve read I can ignore the, ahem, occasional ignorant comment, because maybe I find the world fascinating, or the characters are interesting, or something, but I won’t touch anything OSC has touched with a very long pole.
    Not that I read comics in the first place, the fandom makes me sad, but if I did, I’d be extra careful not to touch this.
    As far as I’m concerned, OSC doesn’t have any business touching any fandom, at all.

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