One thought on “K-Box lays out all the fail in The Rapetastic Spider-Man (TRIGGER WARNING for rape)

  1. What’s really ridiculous here is that the ultimate premise of Superior Spider-Man would actually have the kind of in-depth examinations of the superhero and the supervillain that Marvel has been sorely lacking these last few years. One of Spider-Man’s most infamous enemies now has been compelled to follow in Spider-Man’s footsteps, but this is the creepy Otto Octavius, the mastermind behind so many acts of evil instead of the (pre-Quesada) well-meaning Peter Parker. This could be for Spider-Man what the Azrael Arc was for Batman: an examination of what differentiates the hero from the vigilante, exploring also the questions of violence and destruction as a means to accomplish good things. Instead we get this dreck which is overloaded with multiple categories of misogyny, and rape-fail. Wasting a good plot like this should be one of the major categories of bad writing on top of all the other things wrong with it.

    Which makes all this inanity and fail even worse. A good story as an abstract concept, ruined by the misogyny and rape-fail that characterizes far too much comics writings these days.

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