My Top 12 Films For 2012

So the following are my favorite flicks of 2012.

12) The Man With the Iron Fists

11) Underworld: Awakening

10) Django Unchained

09) Superman vs. the Elite/The Dark Knight Rises

08) Resident Evil: Retribution

07) Justice League: Doom

06) The Chronicle

05) Red Tails

04) Skyfall

03) Magic Mike

02) Cabin In The Woods

01) The Avengers

So this is my top 12 pick for 2012. What was yours?

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4 thoughts on “My Top 12 Films For 2012

  1. Watched and need to watched.

    1. SPEC.(need to watch)
    2. Dark Knight Raises. (Watched halfway)
    3. Skyfal (Need to Watch)
    4. Taken (need to watch)
    5. Zatoichi the Last.
    6. Outrage. (Need to watch)
    7. Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadow
    8. Bodygaurds and Assassins
    9. Detective Dee
    10. Chinese Zodiac (need to see)

    Ok that’s all I can think of that is worth my time

  2. 1- Cabin in the Woods
    2 – Dredd
    3 – Looper
    4 – Batman, The Dark Knight Rises
    5 – Argo
    6 – Prometheus
    7 – Avengers
    8 – Paranorman
    9 – Iron Sky
    10 – Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists

  3. Cripes almighty, I don’t think I’ve seen 12 movies at all this past year…! It sucks being a 2 hour drive from the nearest theatre…

    But here’s my list:

    1. Avengers
    2. Ummm…
    3. Er…
    4. Fuck…~!
    5. God dammit…

    I give up…

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