(open thread) Women in Open World games

Now with the the fifth installment to the GTA franchise underway.  Then I was wondering when do the women take center stage in the Open world narrative? I want to know what’s you opinions on the matter. What do you think about this. Should women stay in the side and let the men take center stage or do think that they can pull it off?

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In a few days time, I’ll will post my idea cast for an open world game.

7 thoughts on “(open thread) Women in Open World games

  1. The answer should be a resounding YES. Women have these sorts of ambitions too.

    Perhaps Sofia Gigante, daughter of Carmine Falcone, could provide a model from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s DARK VICTORY. Yes, the way her disability figures in the plot is offensive*, but in terms of a female crime lord she’s very powerful. What do you say?

    The first article’s suggestion of Foxy Brown as a gangster protagonist might also be fun. Pam Grier is terrific. There are, of course some reservations. See Kate Beaton’s “Strong Female Characters” comics, harkavagrant.com, #311 and #336.

    *Yes? No? My instinct is to say yes (it IS offensive), but I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t read the comics. Sofia Gigante is one of my favourite characters, and getting more wheelchair-bound characters on the screen would be good, but her particular case might not be the best. It’s just one example.

  2. Since I don’t play the GTA franchise I don’t know that.

    But I think, in many ways, it comes down to women not being main characters in many video games at all.

    Most games automatically set you up with a straight, white, male avatar.

    If you’re lucky, they’ll give you the option of playing a character who isn’t – but it’s an option.

    It’s extremely rare to have a non-straight, white, male character be your obligate avatar.

  3. One can never have enough representation in video games, and if Bioware can program a game where you can customize your own character’s appearence, then I don’t see why GTA can’t do the same as well and still give them a deep and engaging background.

    The protagonist of GTA4 has a rich storylines with shades of gray as he tried to make a life for himself and his cousin in America, so I don’t see why they can’t do the same with a female protagonist.

  4. I wonder why this conversation is even happening when there are already open world gangster games which allow you to be a female protagonist in the forms of Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.

    Mind you, the third one has plenty of problems and I guess the second one does too, though I have yet to experience it enough to tell. But since they exist, I don’t want to play a GTA ever again until I can play anything other than a Cookie Cutter Protagonist.

    And really, female crime lords do exist. Let’s list a few shall we?

    1. Zheng Shi (better known as Ching Shih) – Chinese pirate from the Middle Qing Dynasty. Ruled the Red Flag Fleet which numbered near two thousand ships which neither the Qing, British, nor Portuguese navies could beat. One of the most successful pirates ever, she was so powerful she could even demand taxes from coastal villages and the only way they “defeated” her was to offer her amnesty. And yes, she managed to retire with all her loot and lived peacefully ever after.

    2. Grace O’Malley – Irish pirate from the 16th century. I don’t recall much about her but she had an island fortress. Quite succssful too.

    3. Griselda Blanco – I don’t know much about her too. Colombian drug lord who died just last year.

    4. Santokben Jadeja – Okay, Zheng Shi is the only one I know much about. Santokben Jadeja was an Indian crime lord known as the Godmother. Think she got into politics too, like a lot of crime lords do. She even had a film made about her. Died two years ago.

    And these are just the famous ones.

    So yeah, I agree with Fangs For The Fantasy that ultimately, it’s not really a matter of not being able to do female protagoinists in games but a matter of female protagonists being rare in games (and most stuff) in the first place.

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