The Fake Geek Girl

In light of my being too damn sick to do anything this week, I present to you a little something else…

Fake Geek Girl, DC?

Fake Geek Girl

Well, we all know it’s bullshit, but frankly, it’s some insensitive shit to see this in the back of comics that men and women pay good money for. One fan in particular, who made a post over at The Mary Sue found this in the back of her issue of Batman.

But, see, other people know it’s bullshit too, and one person in particular who brought us forth just WHY we should fear fake geek girls.

It’s a bit white bread, but you know what? The satire is dead on, and I can’t help but love a well-placed shot at Aquaman.

Because seriously, he sucks.

Namor is so much better.


4 thoughts on “The Fake Geek Girl

  1. I’m doing that thing David Tennant does when he stares at something at says “What?!” repeatedly. Does the comic industry see profit in alienating readers? Ok, yeah, all sorts of questionable business decisions, but to say “Hey you! Don’t buy our stuff.” seems particularly obviously unwise.

  2. It’s such a passive-aggressive meme from geek/nerd culture. It’s boring as hell when marginal/ised groups (because no they’re not “oppressed”, no matter how much they insist they are) turn around and want to play purity troll, police the borders of some imaginary space and force anyone who expresses an interest or liking in geeky, nerdy things to jump through arbitrary authenticity hoops just to “prove” their cred and worthiness of being a ‘member’. And I’m almost puzzled when I see girls and women on the internet desperately trying to prove that they’re not ‘*that* fake geek girl’ or whatever. Personally? I just don’t care. If so-called ‘geek’ culture (as defined by a loud and vociferous faction) have an objection to inclusivity?

    If they actually want to be some retrogressive, immature and macho boys-only club… then so be it. It’s their William Golding Island/funeral. Fortunately, you don’t have to be part of a group or a (shiver) a ‘fandom’ to do that, and more often than not, it’s less aggravating for your blood pressure. However, if women and all of the other supposed ‘fakes’ who lack the deep and authentic knowledge to be true alpha geeks desire community, then they’d best continue to carve out non-idiotic, egalitarian and reasonable spaces for nerds and geeks. (I know that there are people doing that right now as I speak.)

    As for me, I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done. Just like what I like and be done with it. One of the most deeply unattractive parts of the white, young and male articulation of geek culture is that a lot of members of that particular sub-section of ‘the group’ seem to have forgotten that ultimately, geekdom is supposed to be *fun*. Unfortunately it seems to me that in the end so much of this sub-culture is just as elitist and dickist as the mainstream if not more so.

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