Superior Spider Rapist


This here is rape apology and rape culture at it’s finest, or worst rather. Marvel Editor Steve Wacker demonstrates a textbook example of HOW NOT to respond to being called out to problematic elements in your work:

And let’s also discuss how this ties back into white privilege.

I read through Wacker’s responses regarding SuperiorSpideyRapefest and the entire time I’m just sitting here thinking. White privilege, it’s a hell of a drug.

By virtue of the fact that Wacker is a white guy, he gets automatically defended. By virtue of the fact that he’s a white guy, even his critics will move heaven and earth, contort and do some Matrix-style back bending to give him credit and the benefit of the doubt. He can be snarky and flippant about the issue of rape because he’s a white guy.

Because trust, let a POC, specifically a black guy, show his ass in half the manner Wacker has done regarding the issue of rape. Let a black dude even toy or be dismissive of a white female character potentially being raped and I guarantee you Comic Book Fandom would be lining up to have said brotha lynched.

White privilege, it’s a hell of a drug.

6 thoughts on “Superior Spider Rapist

  1. What’s up with comics these days. I mean this is the reason why I’m not so hyped about the comic movies (save for Batman). In fact white privilege is one hell of a drug. I can picture wacker being Mavel’s Rick James without the talent.

  2. Yeah… just… what the hell… I’ve got nothing. I really do. I’ve. Got. Nothing.

    I don’t even have anger, just fatigue… this is just so god damned normal for them to act in this manner, to be so damned blithe about the issue in which the comic raises and then brush it off, be insulting, belittle the interviewer, and try and derail the conversation.

    I mean, hell, this is part and parcel of the straight white male privilege here to just blather on instead of really addressing this because he knows there will be no consequences for him.

    This line here: “I’m not going to “own” every issue a reader might come up with. We make comics to read, we’re not your psychologist.”

    It just reeks of storytelling irresponsibility! It really comes off like that!

    Rape is a matter that should be taken seriously, be it in fiction or reality, and these assholes, Stephen Wacker and Dan Slott, are laughing it up basically and using it to do nothing more than generate cheap drama.

    *side eyes Regina’s treatment of the Huntsman, and how the white writers used rape there to make Regina more EEEEVIL*

  3. Even though I’ve heard this stuff before, I’m still appalled by the blase attitude towards rape. I guess I just don’t understand why people think it’s so hilarious.

  4. To make sure I know what’s going on, because I don’t read Spider-Man:

    Spider-Man’s body is now being used by a personality that isn’t Peter Parker. M-J, believing Peter to be Peter, initiates a sexual situation,

    And… the writer is trying to tell us this isn’t rape? Is that the particular flavor of this bullshit?

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