My One Complaint About Scandal


So my Thursday nights and Friday mornings are usually reserved for one special lady. She’s smart, she’s resourceful, powerful, beautiful and the very definition of extraordinary. Her name? Olivia Pope.

That’s right, one of my favorite shows on television is ABC’s Scandal. Creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes has knocked it out of the ballpark again.

The show is smart, compelling and it’s doing a lot of impressive work on the progressive front. There’s a reason my Facebook page is abuzz every Friday morning after the latest episode.

However, if I have one gripe about Scandal it’s this grossly unrealistic portrayal of the Republican Party. ¬†You know the progressive and inclusive party that has a black woman as its fixer/spin doctor and an openly gay Chief of Staff. It’s almost a slap in the face to minorities who have to deal with the outright hatred and oppression from the GOP each and every day.

I have an easier time suspending disbelief when I’m watching Once Upon A Time.

Just Saying.



At Least He’s Consistent


In which TV is making me hate all the menz.

Or maybe it’s the “feminist agenda.”

Or maybe both.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been watching CW’s Arrow. Often I find myself asking why in the hell I’m even watching this show until John Barrowman’s flawless ass appears on screen and then I remember and resume watching with a smile.

To be honest I haven’t decided how I feel about the show. On the one hand it’s tackling some interesting concepts (even if rather sparsely) and it’s garnered my attention. The show has surprisingly called out issues of white privilege, classism, and the show actually has by my count 5 RECURRING BLACK CHARACTERS.

This is virtually unprecedented as most shows are subject to cancellation if you even attempt to include more than two.

Now granted most of the roles are subservient roles. The black people, save for my man Colin Salmon, have no stations and they are solely exist to support their white partners/best friends. Why Joanna is more invested Laurel’s love life than in her own is beyond me.

Anyway, I haven’t rendered a final judgment yet and I’ve been on the fence about the show and there hadn’t been any major blunders storytelling wise…….


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Shit Ars Marginal ain’t got time for

Every now and then, I have to do a post like this as a reminder about what is and is not acceptable to bring to Ars Marginal. Most of y’all is cool as fuck, so I’m not worried about y’all.

It’s the random assholes who can’t be bothered to learn how to act here that fuck shit up for everybody else.

That said, I’m gonna make it really easy and give a list of shit that’s just not gonna be discussed here at Ars Marginal. Just a fair warning: if you bring any of the following things to this blog, you might get your fee fees hurt.
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