Voices of Dissent – Episode 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Voices of Dissent!

Episode 1 – What does THIS button do? Oh dear…

It’s very rough, as I am new to using audacity, but I feel it would make for a great new tool in our war against bullshit in our media.

If you have any advice or have had any experience with using audacity, then please let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me through my e-mail.

Here are a list of links to the material used in the show:

Gail Simone Dismissed from writing Batgirl


Gail Simone’s twitter reply to Mike Nelson

Leaving Megatropolis

Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

Superblack by Adilifu Nama


6 thoughts on “Voices of Dissent – Episode 1

    • Which browser are you using? I couldn’t get it to load in Firefox (the link at the top would just flash without doing anything when clicked), but when I opened this page in IE clicking the link worked for me (it took me to the site where I could download the file). Hope this helps.

      Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but will do it tomorrow. I’ve appreciated your Brain Food videos and am really looking forward to hearing the new podcast.

        • Thank you… and it was able to load up just fine for me on firefox.

          Also, many apologes for the roughness of it all. I think I need to get more notes in line, if not have a full on script.

          I’ve also got my eye on someone to bring in for a guest!

          • It’s working for me on Firefox now as well, so it must have been a temporary glitch of some kind.

            It wasn’t too rough, certainly much better than a lot of first-episode podcasts I’ve heard. I’m looking forward to hearing the next one. While you’ve been pretty good as a solo act on this podcast and on Brain Food, having a guest to bounce things off of can be pretty cool too. I’d love to hear more from the other contributors here!

            Couldn’t agree more about your comments on the Gail Simone situation. It’s a blow against diversity and common sense. It also serves as another counter-example when people claim that these decisions are driven by business concerns (you know, the usual circular argument that they cater to white male fanboys because that’s who’s buying the most comics…because they’re the ones being catered to). Getting rid of a popular and critically acclaimed artist who’s reaching out to new audiences is, just as you said, self-destructive. Doing it the way they did…it’s like somebody at DC really thinks alienating talent and customers alike is such a winning strategy that they’ve got to double down on it.

  1. …An email?….an email….?

    Three years ago when the price of comic books went up and I wasn’t able to buy them anymore due to the small amount of money I was earning as a paper boy, I felt like I was sorely missing out. But now, I….I’m actually glad to know that I donated such a small amount of money that would fire someone as magnificent and talented (and a host of many other superlatives)as Gail Simone via email. ???

    How…what type of person would think that is an respectful or even appropriate way to fire someone of any caliber never mind Simone’s?

    I…I am just baffled/confounded/confused, a myriad of negatives right now, but most of all disgusted.

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