My One Complaint About Scandal


So my Thursday nights and Friday mornings are usually reserved for one special lady. She’s smart, she’s resourceful, powerful, beautiful and the very definition of extraordinary. Her name? Olivia Pope.

That’s right, one of my favorite shows on television is ABC’s Scandal. Creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes has knocked it out of the ballpark again.

The show is smart, compelling and it’s doing a lot of impressive work on the progressive front. There’s a reason my Facebook page is abuzz every Friday morning after the latest episode.

However, if I have one gripe about Scandal it’s this grossly unrealistic portrayal of the Republican Party.  You know the progressive and inclusive party that has a black woman as its fixer/spin doctor and an openly gay Chief of Staff. It’s almost a slap in the face to minorities who have to deal with the outright hatred and oppression from the GOP each and every day.

I have an easier time suspending disbelief when I’m watching Once Upon A Time.

Just Saying.



17 thoughts on “My One Complaint About Scandal

    • One friend pointed out that they did the same thing with Brothers & Sisters. The Republican presidential candidate embraced his gay brother, had a black advisor and was essentially the White Man’s Obama.

      This has been a consistent theme with ABC so something tells me this was probably from the executive brass.

  1. Holy hell…! If there are any gay people in the Republican Party, they’re more than likely still firmly in the closet, according to the amount of homophobia they face from their co-horts.

    And yeah, a woman of colour in such a position of the GOP? I… I can’t, because of how toxic and racist and shitty that political party is. If one were to play word association and mentioned The Republican Party, my first word would be bigots, followed by racists, and then stupid, ignorant, closed-minded shit-dealing rich pricks.

    • There are Republican Party lobbyist organizations with openly gay and lesbian members such as the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud that combine advocacy of gay rights alongside conservative fiscal values, but they seem a little schizophrenic about it at times such as supporting candidates who oppose same-sex marriage. Intellectually, I can see how they can hold conservative values in abstract and hope to change the GOP from the inside but I can’t imagine the levels of cognitive dissonance it takes to stay with the party given its current trends on social issues.

      Likewise the Republicans have had POCs in powerful positions in the relatively recent past such as Condoleezza Rice serving as Secretary of State under GWB, but it’s hard to imagine how well that would fly now with the Republicans doubling down on race-baiting and bigotry at every opportunity. And good lord, what does it say about the current state of the Republican Party that ol’ Dubya looks inclusive and progressive by comparison?

      Like Alec Baldwin tweeted, “You know your party is in trouble when people ask ‘did the rape guy win,’ and you have to ask ‘which one?'”

      • “There are Republican Party lobbyist organizations with openly gay and lesbian members such as the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud that combine advocacy of gay rights alongside conservative fiscal values”

        Actually no they don’t advocate for gay rights (aside from gay marriage). They’re some of the biggest shucking and jiving house queers on the planet.

        And less we not forget Powell and Rice got repeatedly fucked over by the GOP. Powell who lost his rep when he was forced to make that bogus testimony at the UN and Rice who came under fire by simply saying that Obama acted reasonably in the recent issues.

        So no I’m not buying it.

        • I agree it wouldn’t happen now but there was a time when the Republicans actually had POCs at cabinet levels, though they were treated a lot more poorly than the characters in “Scandal”. It’s a sad indicator of how quickly the party’s sinking into even more horrific bigotry than before that having POCs in those positions at all is unimaginable these days, less than a decade later.

          I was hoping the last election would be the slap in the face the GOP needs to realize they need to respect minorities instead of simply kissing rich white ass exclusively, but so far it seems like their response has been to veer harder in the wrong direction.

          • Agreed. It’s like with each election the GOP loses, rather than shifting towards the center, they simply go further right.

      • the chances of them having a Chief of Staff that is barely closeted is nil.

        Romney fired the only member with foreign policy experience, a neo-con of all things, due to pressure and the fact that RMoney didn’t care to push-back, because he wasn’t serious about having an out gay man on his team (or anything darker than egg shell). hell, he didn’t care about foreign policy period.

        the Scandal GOP admin. breaks the suspension of disbelief. hell, it body slams it, hits it with a chair, and gives it the camel clutch, stone cold stunner, and…and…i can’t think of anymore wrestling finishers

        • The closest the GOP ever got to having openly gay people at the top of the government were two Gay congressmen. Both only came out after they were in office and only then as they were pretty much being outed anyway, and only one of those two managed to get re-elected afterward. Neither are serving today (the last one left in 2007) and as your example highlights they wouldn’t get any political traction at all among the GOP in the current climate.

          TL,DR: The Rep’s swelling bigotry has managed to erase even the most minimal of progressive steps the party has taken in less than half-a-decade.

          And their stated responses thus far have been to berate MittRom for not being extremist enough. Obama’s presidential victories have obviously completely shattered whatever was already broken in their brains.

          It would be interesting to learn why Shonda Rhimes decided to depict this group as a possible GOP administration. Does she have a more optimistic vision of the GOP as it currently exists? Is it perhaps a wish fulfillment of a Republican Party that put its money where its mouth is in terms of individual rights, or an attempt to inspire the party to move in that direction? Is there going to be a giant season-finale reveal that their Earth is cubic — that they are in fact living on Bizarro-World where the Bizarro-GOP isn’t wiping their ass with every cultural and scientific improvement made by mankind in the last 500 years?

  2. I was just working on a post about my Scandal love. You beat me to it!

    Although, I must admit I actually like the way they portray the Republican party…..because that’s what I’d like to see happen in RL. The Republicans are supposed to be about small government, but they’ve been co-opted by this bigoted fringe mentality until that *is* what they are, and….well, it would just be really nice to have two actual choices at the voting booth instead of needing to vote Democratic by default because the other candidate is “RUN RUN AWAY DIE DIE DIE!!!” I guess something inside me hopes that media like Scandal will be a drop in an eventual tide of pushback by reasonable Republicans against their own party, and then someday we’ll have a country in which neither party is about stamping out people’s rights and instead their differences are on economics and foreign policy and, y’know, actual governing.

    Okay, when I put it like that, it does sound more fantastic than OUAT. *sigh*

    • I would like the Republican party to be that way too but for me it’s a slap in the face. It’s like saying the Ku Klux Klan is indeed welcoming of blacks and gays when we know that shit ain’t true.

  3. Just want to say the first picture in this article drew my attention. Kerry Washington is drop-dead gorgeous. I thought she was on some other show. I’ll have to look this one up.

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