Shit Ars Marginal ain’t got time for

Every now and then, I have to do a post like this as a reminder about what is and is not acceptable to bring to Ars Marginal. Most of y’all is cool as fuck, so I’m not worried about y’all.

It’s the random assholes who can’t be bothered to learn how to act here that fuck shit up for everybody else.

That said, I’m gonna make it really easy and give a list of shit that’s just not gonna be discussed here at Ars Marginal. Just a fair warning: if you bring any of the following things to this blog, you might get your fee fees hurt.

In no particular order, Ars Marginal ain’t got time for talking about:

  1. Whether or not racism exists
  2. Whether or not people of color can be racist against White people
  3. Whether people of color being prejudiced against White people is on par with White people’s prejudice against people of color
  4. Whether or not sexism exists
  5. Whether women can be sexist against men
  6. Whether misoandry is on par with misogyny
  7. Whether or not homophobia exists
  8. Whether or not LGBTQ people calling straight folks “breeders” is as bad as what straight people say and do to LGBTQ people
  9. Whether or not transphobia exists
  10. Whether or not “die cis scum” is as bad as what cis people say and do to trans people
  11. Whether or not ableism exists
  12. Whether or not classism exists
  13. Anybody’s intent not to be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.
  14. Any information puked up from a dictionary or thesaurus
  15. Anything involving flies, honey, or vinegar when discussing the ways people talk about their experiences with racism, sexism, etc.
  16. Any variation of an opinion that states or implies that people on the receiving end of *-isms are crazy (disconnected from reality), stupid (incapable of analyzing their own experiences), or evil (motivated primarily by hate, anger, greed, etc.)

First of all, most of us who are regulars here have had that discussion everywhere else on the fucking internet, so we’re tired of the bullshit. Ars Marginal is set up to detox and unwind from the bullshit. If anybody comes on here with some “What about the menz?” or “Won’t someone think of the white people?” shit (ditto the cis, able-bodied, and affluent renditions of those), they deserve what the fuck they get.

Now, I know what some folks are thinking, “Well, what the hell can I talk about if I can’t tell those silly minorities how wrong they are?”

I’m glad you asked! Here’s a partial list:

  1. How fucked up dynamics with race, gender, sexuality, class, etc. show up in media
  2. Ways we can undermine fucked up racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. shit in arts and entertainment
  3. Arts and entertainment we can go ahead and not subject ourselves to
  4. How we can avoid internalizing the bullshit that gets thrown at us in arts and entertainment while enjoying it for what it is
  5. Signal boosting projects and artists whose work does more of what we need
  6. Pointing and laughing at bullshit in arts and entertainment

Strangely enough, once mofos stop acting like the most important thing is to prove how wrong us minorities are, the conversations can get a whole lot more interesting.

5 thoughts on “Shit Ars Marginal ain’t got time for

  1. But, but, you’re stifling any true discussion about [insert] and just creating an echo chamber of people agreeing with you! That’s [insert], man!

    This should definitely be linked or added to the “before you comment” or “act like you got some home training” sections.

  2. All I’ve got to say about flies, honey, and vinegar, is that whoever wrote that cliche never saw a dead squirrel, if they wanna talk about attracting the most flies.

  3. List 1 are discussions I ain’t got time for because time is a resource and those of us with considerably less privilege have less time to waste. In my experience, privileged folks who bring up anything from that list have never really listened to/read minorities anyway. I don’t want to come here and read yet more of their views, I’m subscribed to AM to read about list 2 and such.

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