At Least He’s Consistent


In which TV is making me hate all the menz.

Or maybe it’s the “feminist agenda.”

Or maybe both.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been watching CW’s Arrow. Often I find myself asking why in the hell I’m even watching this show until John Barrowman’s flawless ass appears on screen and then I remember and resume watching with a smile.

To be honest I haven’t decided how I feel about the show. On the one hand it’s tackling some interesting concepts (even if rather sparsely) and it’s garnered my attention. The show has surprisingly called out issues of white privilege, classism, and the show actually has by my count 5 RECURRING BLACK CHARACTERS.

This is virtually unprecedented as most shows are subject to cancellation if you even attempt to include more than two.

Now granted most of the roles are subservient roles. The black people, save for my man Colin Salmon, have no stations and they are solely exist to support their white partners/best friends. Why Joanna is more invested Laurel’s love life than in her own is beyond me.

Anyway, I haven’t rendered a final judgment yet and I’ve been on the fence about the show and there hadn’t been any major blunders storytelling wise…….


Okay so on Arrow, Ollie has been running across roofs for the last few months, murdering mofos out of some twisted crusade of revenge/justice.

On one level I can respect his hustle. No due process, no arrests, mofos are simply getting got. All well and good.

However when a woman shows up, Huntress, and does THE SAME FUCKING THING HE DOES, suddenly he feels the need to mainsplain the difference between justice and vengence and show Huntress the error of her ways.
These are said errors Ollie hasn’t learned his damn self. I know a few places where he can take that arrow and shove it.

A buddy of mine said it best, ” I was wondering if Arrow would capture Ollie’s true two-faced nature. Glad to see it has.”

Say what you will about Ollie’s duplicity, hypocrisy and misogyny. At least he’s consistent.


ETA: Also, if you haven’t already, read this excellent piece here.

18 thoughts on “At Least He’s Consistent

  1. Oh my gosh I was thinking THE SAME FUCKING THING the whole time I was watching that episode. WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS SHOW.

    Seriously. Both Huntress and Diggle have been kicking ass and taking names in their own ways long before Green Arrow comes along, and the show makes out like rich white male new-on-the-scene Oliver is the only one who knows how to do this revenge-y superhero thing the right way, and oh, you sad little women and POC, you should just listen to Oliver, kay? THIS EPISODE WAS THE WORST FOR THAT, SO MUCH HATE. Thank you for this post.

    (p.s. — And oh so totally with you on John Barrowman. I found out recently that he can sing and it totally made my week, holy crap I need more of that man on my television.)

    • Honestly, I had no interest in watching this show for good reason. The ONLY reason I tuned in was strictly for John Barrowman.

      • I started watching because I like bad television that consists mainly of mindless fight scenes. I have a pretty low bar for that sort of thing. But it’s even losing me now — hard to watch mindless fight scenes when I want the hero to lose.

        You know, we could easily cut out Oliver from the show entirely. Focus on Huntress’s revenge quest instead, give Diggle a character arc and make *them* partners (and real partners, not just “I’m going to keep saying I’m your partner” partners), and now you have a show I want to watch again!


    I honestly am not surprised, and yet the anger remains fresh and seething over the sheer hypocrisy of it. Of course, the rich white guy is seen as good and on the course of right, especially when other people show up and do the same thing as him. It's honestly why I wasn't all that interested in the Batman movies as of late and why my opinion of them has gone done, because in the end, it's a straight, rich, white guy acting out their anger issues.

    And hell, I love John Borrowman, but I'm not sure how much I could stand this show to watch him. It might not be worth it, not with that jackass Ollie running around.

    There… wasn't any hint that Huntress was going to, pardon how crude this sounds, jump his dick after the lecture, was there? Because that would piss me off just that much more.

    • She jumped his dick before the lecture. In fact, this whole Ollie mansplaining the difference between REVENGE and JUSTICE seems to be his idea trying to date the woman who rebounded from her dead fiance onto him.

      This episode was one of the worst to date, and that’s saying something.

      I’m probably going to be watching it long after everyone with any sense gives up on the show, but I will not recommend it to anyone until I get to see some agency and action from Diggle. The man *speaks* sense in every single episode. No one ever listens to him and you never see him doing anything else anymore. I don’t even know if he has a home outside the Arrow Cave.

      • Ah… I was wondering because when I heard that both the Huntress and Black Canary were going to be in the series, my first thought, which shows both my faith in the WB and DC Comics in their portrayal of women, is that they’d only be there to be Ollie’s love interests and not have any actual character arc to themselves.

        Hell, I bet that the Huntress wore high heels… *checks*

        She’s wearing sensible shoes… well fuck, at least they got SOMETHING right.

        • my first thought, which shows both my faith in the WB and DC Comics in their portrayal of women, is that they’d only be there to be Ollie’s love interests and not have any actual character arc to themselves.

          And you would be right! Actually, “Laurel” (Dinah Laurel Lance goes by her middle name) probably isn’t going to be Black Canary for a while, is at all, because she’s being set up in a romance with Ollie’s BFF (Whose name is Merlyn! I wonder where they’re going there…) presumably to have a love triangle further down the line. At least Helena got to put on a costume.

  3. Have you noticed that Joanna hasn’t even been on screen since Laurel actually got herself a love life? Presumably she’s off actually Doing Law, in the same way that my headcanon has Diggle actually Doing Crimefighting while Ollie is giving speeches.

  4. However when a woman shows up, Huntress, and does THE SAME FUCKING THING HE DOES, suddenly he feels the need to mainsplain the difference between justice and vengeance and show Huntress the error of her ways.

    …with his penis!

    But seriously, YES. The last two Huntress eps were just awful, and I’m done, even though I twinge with a bit of regret every time I remember John Barrowman is in it. This shit with Huntress made me realize that I’ve been waiting for the show, which features SO MANY badass comic ladies (BC, Huntress, Manhunter), to make with the ladies-kicking-ass, and that’s just not gonna happen. This is a show about “Arrow” – not even Oliver Queen, this dude is NOT comics!Oliver – and his infinite wisdom, and his fighting skills that are somehow more amazing than a career Marine’s, and his moral compass, which is somehow straighter than Helena’s, despite the fact that he unceremoniously shoots a guy in the same episode. So it will ALWAYS be about Ollie, and the girls will ALWAYS be secondary, and fuck that. They’re making Amazon, I don’t need this.

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