Critical thoughts on “Once Upon A Time” and fandom

Over on Tumblr, I’ve been carving out a niche in the Once Upon A Time fandom for a place where we can critically analyze the show and the fandom, with a special emphasis on the messages it sends and what people take from it.

For the most part, I kept a lot of that stuff over there because my Tumblr is the place where I can really relax and let my freak flag fly. That said, I do want to start bringing some of my OUAT stuff over here because it’s relevant to Ars Marginal.

Keep coming back and bring some friends because it’s going to get pretty interesting now.

2 thoughts on “Critical thoughts on “Once Upon A Time” and fandom

  1. Yeah, it’s been interesting to follow what you and others have to say, even if I can’t comment on all of it, having not watched any of the second season so far.

    Still, I really want to take a good, keen look at OUAT in a video review as you advised me to do, and maybe even discuss the Emma/Regina ship. I only feel a little bit hesitant about that last bit because, well, I’m a straight dude, and I don’t want people to think I ship them because “hurrr lesbians R hawt hurrr”.

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