Do You Feel Like *Educating* Today?

Yeah, I know, it’s not our job to educate straight white cis men on this stuff.  Or people who aren’t straight white cis men but still need a clue-by-four.

But if anybody has blog posts on racism/sexism/other -isms in SFF fandom, and you want to signal boost ’em, fantasy author Jim Hines wants to give us a platform.  Not because he wants cookies, but because on a previous post of his someone pointed out how fucked-up it is that a straight white guy who writes about the lack of inclusiveness in SFF gets close to 100 comments while the actual people being marginalized blog about it ALL THE FUCKING TIME and hear crickets.  And someone else suggested that he push his audience to read some of those more marginalized voices, since he has that well-read platform and all, and so he is.

For anyone not familiar with him, in my opinion Jim Hines is a legit ally who always tries to own his privilege and fail better, and blog about it.  I already dropped a link to Ars Marginal there, but if anyone else wants to signal-boost either your blog or individual posts that you’ve read or written that relate to SFF inclusiveness, he has a lot of readers in the greater SFF community (his blog won the fan-writer Hugo this year).

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