Why Fandom Needs To Die A Violent Death

Hey Repulsive Comic Book Douchebro, you’re even more pathetic than the “fake cosplay girls” you’re attacking.


Also, douchebros, I’m gonna need you NOT to look like the mashup of Jeff Albertson and a brokeass Gandalf the Grey before you go talking shit and policing womens’ looks.

Because you aren’t exactly Daniel Craig your damn self.

I mean my God, if you want to advertise to the world that you’re bitter about your two inch prick, there are far more healthier outlets than attacking women who have done nothing to you.

Because honestly even there are fake cosplay fangirls or fake geeks, WTF have they done to you? How is what they do/don’t do any business of yours? Who died and made you Justice Lords over all things Fandom? The sheer sense of arrogance and entitlement is astounding.

Ty Templeton breaks down why this nonsense is nonsense.


And as I’ve said before, I’ll take the posing “fake” quasi and or super-hot geeks over the “real” racist sexist homophobic jackasses that are infesting geek culture and geek spaces.


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  1. You know, Gail Simone has been coming out in defence of the cosplayers, particularly the women because the women catch a whole lot of shit, and that fucking moron, Tony, can go fuck a rusty, nail filled hole in the ground.

    What was worse is that more of those racist, homophobic, sexist shitheads came out of the woodwork from the staff of not only DC, but Marvel Comics as well, to defend Tony’s words. But it’s okay, because he has a wife, and daughters, and a mom.

    I am so sick of these morons thinking that they can police who can be a geek and who cannot. A pretty girl? POSER! And you know it’s not too far before that kind of thought is thrown at people who are black, or Asian, or gay, or anything like that. A friend of mine who not only was a fan of video games but also got into learning how to program them and write about them faced that kind of crap too, but with the racist flavour since he’s black, and people were surprised that he wasn’t going for basketball.

    People like Tony Harris are something that needs to be weeded out and stomped on until they’re nothing but a bad memory. They only make the waters of fandom we all swim in a toxic environment, and I wish most people in the professional side of the industry would call them out on this garbage.

    Also, just because you’re not mysoginistic in one way, doesn’t mean you can’t be a woman-hating prick in another. >_<

    • After reading this and the Katy Perry article right below it, I had a horrible premonition that at some point one of these asshole defenders of Harris’s is going to trot out the argument that defending the “poser geek girls” is just like defending fake LGBTQ allies like Perry. After all, there’s a huge narrative going on right now about how A) the poor geek white/cis dudebros are just as oppressed as gays and people of color and thus B) have equal justification for righteous outrage at someone attempting to appropriate their “culture”.

      TBH, there are a lot of times I’m embarrassed about my geek interests. It has nothing to do peer pressure, harassment, or disapproval from non-geeks (some people might have thought I was a dork in high school for reading comics but it’s not like I was in danger of getting tied to to a truck and dragged down the fucking street for it). It has everything to do with feeling like I’d be associated by hateful misogynists (among other oppressive prejudices) like this.

      I have met some cosplayers who had no particular interest in the characters they were dressed as, they just thought the costumes were cool. They were having fun. I remember that and have a hard time wrapping my head around why anyone would get so upset over something so innocuous or try to ruin it for those people. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the pathology of it, but dammmmmnnn…

      • Never mind, I’ve already come across people in other forums starting to play the “Harris has avoided doing sexist art in the past so he’s a feminist ally and deserves a cookie for that and a pass for for his shitty doubled-down women-hating rant” song. So we’re well on the way to “fake geek girls are the oppressors and those defending them from unwarranted attack are traitors to the geek cause.” Privilege Always Finds a Way.

        BTW, double-props to Ty Templeton for including a “tasteful/non-at-all-T&A” example of Harris’s work.

        I’m not surprised at shitty people continuing to be shitty, but I’m still amazed how many of them are enabled to keep poisoning the well by spreading said filth far and wide thanks to people who support their odious dreck.

        I’ve gathered up all of the Tony Harris TPBs I have (which already had some problematic elements even before this shit). I’m going to trade them in at the nearest used book store and use the credit to buy some of the graphic novels suggested on this site that people should be reading and donate them to the local library.

        He gets no money for those used book sales, I’ll be able to walk past my bookshelf tomorrow without fucking spitting on it, and I improve the chances of some kids getting quality reading material that actually speaks to them. Any suggestions are welcome, but I’ll happily scroll through Ars Marginals archives to put a list together regardless.

        FUCK THAT GUY.

      • This this this. I think there’s waaaay too much investment in geek culture with being a persecuted minority (HA!) so, of course, to maintain that they have to be “an exclusive subculture” and drive out people who are “appropriating” their stuff. You can’t become popular! The very idea is anathema. They have to be persecuted – so shunned by the mainstream (and this has to include pretty girls) to claim those wonderful oppressed cookies.The more people they let into the club the less ZOMG EXCLUSIVE AND SPECIAL it is

        I just boggle, since when was being oppressed some kind of cool kids club everyone wanted to join?

        And I can’t help but think the target is so often women because of their own contempt for women and also the idea that women – especially pretty women – cannot be intelligent. And, of course, geeks are super-duper-smart, too smart for the mainstream to understand

    • “What was worse is that more of those racist, homophobic, sexist shitheads came out of the woodwork from the staff of not only DC, but Marvel Comics as well, to defend Tony’s words.”

      And that right there is the biggest problem. The enabling.

  2. And this is why I will NEVER get involved with cosplay. Not only would I have to shell out more money, but I’d have to worry about what every mouth-breathing neckbeard has to say about who I choose to dress up as? Fuck that.

  3. This whole thing has been infuriating. So what else is new with fandom, though. :-/

    I did a link round up on this whole mess here; I’ll add this post in. My favorite response so far has been this comic, which is getting reblogged A LOT.

  4. There’s something about these angry, bitter males that makes them think that not only do they believe they have the right to bash women, but they expect other people to follow their lead. And if they don’t, they are the problem. If they do, they become the cheerleaders who keep their hate going.

    My only theory is that they’ve been hurt and in some way traumatized by women to the point where they wage a personal war with them. Even if they go after a certain group of women, it is still a major problem. Even if they say they don’t attack women, the proof is in the pudding. I agree that these misogynistic jackasses need to be confronted.

    I’ve seen it before, but it was outside the comic book phenom. These dudes have a huge problem with certain women, and they go out of their way to trick other people, those who can’t think critically for themselves, into believing their bullshit. And some, who most likely have had the same unresolved problems as these males, will jump on the bandwagon spreading the gospel of hate. What’s worse is that I’ve seen some women defending them going so far as to say that these dudes have “a right to their opinion.”

    Even so, freedom is not a license for chaos. They may have that right, but (a.) that doesn’t mean they can use it just because they can, and (b) that right is not reserved just for them. After all, others have the right to disagree whether they like it or not.

    • Whatever their issues, they are still rooted in misogyny.

      This basic bullshit of, “I got hurt by a person, and that person was a woman, so I an justified in hating all women, and it’s not really my fault because women, right?” is what misogyny is all about. It’s about seeing women as girls, chicks, sluts, whores, etc. and not as people with needs and desires as valid as one’s own.

      Being hurt by a woman or women doesn’t create misogynists. Misogyny gives men the idea that women, because they are women, are not allowed to do or want anything that doesn’t serve them.

      Trust me, all the shit that these poor, unfortunate nerds went through at the hands of women and their Feminine Wiles (TM) are things that women go through too, but you would never hear the end of “misandry” if women decided to talk about men and threat them the same way these assholes talk about and treat women. It’s misogyny and sexism that has them being unable to think about women outside of what women do to them or for them.

      • I don’t disagree at all. The thing that I’ve seen with some of these misogynists is that they’ve turned their misogyny into a sort of “call for action” against women. They want other men to follow their lead, and those that do not and stand up for women are blasted.

        These men can’t stand it if you disagree with them in a civil way. They translate that as a personal attack against their character, and go after them someway. What’s worse is that some of their zombies join in to protect their “masters”.

        These males are so bitter to realize that what they went through is not exclusive to men, or rather not exclusive to themselves. They conclude that women are their enemies and must be called out. It doesn’t matter that women haven’t gone through hell, and beyond, with men. It doesn’t matter that they live in a patriarchal society with male privilege abound. What seems to matter is that they, these males, are hurt. Only their pain matters. It was caused by women in some way. They must be “stopped”, and anyone who defends them is their enemy.

        It seems that way to me.

        • Yes. I tend to think of it as their true colors coming out.

          “I was totally pro-woman until That Bitch (TM) hurt me” doesn’t really happen. What happens is that these men already had misogynistic shit going on; they just never examined it, so when given a “reason,” they start spouting this bullshit. That’s bad enough, but geek culture tends to encourage this fucked up shit instead of rooting it out like the weed it is.

          • Exactly. They weren’t pro-woman to start with. They always had disdain for women and when one came along and hurt them, they revealed their hatred instantly.

  5. I’ve been beyond done with fandoms for a while, but this has renewed my distaste for them. Stupid pricks like Harris ruin everything.

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