Trevor Project, We Needs To Talk

Dear Trevor Project, 

There are many fine people deserving of awards and recognition. 

Katy Perry, however, IS NOT one of them.


I would touch on how indicative this is of the gay community to shuck and jive and sell out for the first chance to worship straight oppressors when they haven’t done shit for us. I would also touch on how the LGBTQ “community” puts too much emphasis on worshipping “allies” (or in this case oppressors) and not uplifting our own. I would discuss all of that but there’s simply not enough bandwidth on the entire internet.

However the money shot quote at the end of the article brings it home:


I don’t want to celebrate these people any more than I want to celebrate a straight cis person being nice to me because I happen to be queer. Congratulations on being a decent human, but I refuse to throw a dinner honoring the fact that you think I should get married someday (which isn’t something I even want to fight for, frankly, and many other queers are with me on that).

No individual is flawless and no saint is without a past. I’m not asking that our heroes be impossibly good human beings who have spent a lifetime adhering to only the highest of morals. On the contrary, I want people in charge who have period stains on their briefs and a love of guilty pleasure television. Someone who knows what it’s like to be an outcast, or the worst at math, or has spent a lifetime facing oppressions that have raised them up into an outstandingly experienced human being. Cracks let the light in. Give me queers who have been around the block. Give those queers a raise, and throw them dinner parties. See if they want a dinner party, or if they want you to give that money to charities, to shelters, to causes that directly affect the queer community. Let us be a community that honors our own and uplifts our own and directly cares for our own, rather than a community that thinks being prostrate to a hetero mainstream will get us anywhere besides, I guess, feeling like a plastic bag.”

6 thoughts on “Trevor Project, We Needs To Talk

  1. I still boggle over this. KATY PERRY?!

    There’s far too much damn fawning over any “ally” or “icon” who is willing to string some kind words together. too many people see us as pets and this doesn’t even slightly help.

  2. I just read the article and to be honest, this is beyond crazy.

    I haven’t been a fan of Katy Perry, and I never heard her songs or seen her videos (and I’m not about to start now), but reading how she uses members of the LGBT community, pretty much, as comedic props and circus animals, she doesn’t deserve to be considered an “ally” or an “role model”. And the fact that there are people who see her as such as to promote her for her so-called “work” towards presenting LGBT members to the mainstream as opposed to actual members who have done much more significant work speaks volumes alone.

    Perry is just like many other mainstream “artists” who have given way too much praise than she deserves, especially when she said, “”certain parts of the world — especially in the U.S. — are just dying to be offended”. To me she’s pretty much saying, “The hell what they think and say, I’m one of the most glamorous singers in the world right now.” SMH

    • ALLADIS!!!!!!

      And to be honest, I blame the LGBTQ “community” more than I do Perry because folks like her wouldn’t be enabled if the LGBTQ community actually bothered to have higher standards.

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