Swan Queen: It goes beyond shipping you heterosexist, homophobic fucks

Hey, everybody. I know it’s been a while (I blame Tumblr), but I’m back and good and pissed off.

In case you didn’t know, Tumblr and Twitter got a little heated as a result of what we’re calling Swan Gate (no, really, you need to check the link to get the full effect of the fail), wherein a certain cast member of ABC’s Once Upon A Time decided that keeping her fucking mouth shut about something she doesn’t understand (aka Swan Queen) was too much to ask then followed up with some more bullshit. People rightfully called her ass out on her heterosexist bullshit, expressing how hurt they felt that once again, showing women loving women is something only appropriate for cable TV (then rubbing that in by mentioning opportunities to see the appropriately heterosexual couple doing the exact same shit). Now, instead of listening, acknowledging, apologizing, and amending, this person, like so many so-called allies, says, and I quote, “I support homosexuality” in response. Yeah, one of those straight “allies” who support us so fucking much until we have the audacity to pretend that fictional characters can be gay in the same ways they are straight.

Oh, it gets better (pun intended)!

Then some fans were looking at the expressions of hurt, disappointment, frustration, and anger — particularly those from the LGBTQ community (like this and this and this; oh yeah, this and this and this too) — and ignoring the shit out of those things to make it look like crazy fans going apeshit over something silly. Then out come the “calm down” and “not her intent” and “right to her opinion” and “just a TV show” and all that jazz.

Fuck that.

And fuck anybody who signs on to that bullshit.

It’s not about a ship you heterosexist, homophobic fucks.

For me, Swan Queen is not just about hot chicks getting it on. Swan Queen is about a powerful, brilliant, beautiful queer woman of color finding love and happiness. Swan Queen is about the power of love to heal and to transform even the most hopeless of us. Swan Queen is about women being passionate, erotic, and romantic with each other without apologizing for it. Swan Queen is something I can relate to and hope for in my own life.

Swan Queen fandom was once a sanctuary, a place where I can feel safe and connected with other women who love women (and the people who truly stick up and by us). But because somebody just had to say something ignorant, and because some jackasses just had to stick up for that shit, this place where I once could find joy, safety, and connection has become a source of shame and alienation.

I know I’m not alone when I say that there are few places offline where I feel comfortably being openly queer. And not just in the, “Hey, I’m gay” Ellen Degeneres sort of way. I’m talking about the, “I think women are sexy, and I am erotically and romantically drawn to relationships between women” sort of way. Big difference, y’all. Big fucking difference.

In NYC, finding these spaces was easier. But I’m not there right now, and I need this sanctuary more than ever. But noooooo, I can’t even have this little bit of space for my fucking self. People in their meanness and carelessness just can’t seem to help themselves. They just have to encroach upon and violate one of the few safe spaces I have to be queer.

That’s why when I saw the tweets and the fuckheads supporting them, I nearly fucking cried. I couldn’t even gather the motivation to get mad (that came later, like today). It was just a waving a neon-colored dildo in my face kind of reminder that there is literally no place for me to just exist, in this world or any other. And IT SUCKS! IT FUCKING SUCKS!

7 thoughts on “Swan Queen: It goes beyond shipping you heterosexist, homophobic fucks

  1. One thing that’s always fascinated me about Regina and Emma is that while I don’t see any unresolved romantic/sexual tension yet from the canonical characters (at least how they’re being portrayed now, don’t get me wrong, the actresses have excellent chemistry), if the show writers went that route and actually made one or both of the leads queer, it would totally and completely make sense. There are enough elements in place that it would be completely plausible unlike countless other shippings and pairings. In fact I wouldn’t even be surprised if those two did hook up in a future season.

    It’s a really fascinating dynamic to watch because while imho the characters are towing the line and could be heterosexual, all the complexities are there that they could easily be queer females and it would make sense, much in the spirit of say Rictor and Shatterstar were back in the 90s.

    As I mentioned to a friend one time, if this were Emmett and Regina or Emma and Reginald and they were feuding this fiercely, the audience would already be counting down to when they would sleep together because it’s such a trope with hetero pairings.

    Regina and Emma definitely works as canon and they have far more chemistry than Spike and Buffy (a couple which should’ve never happened and is one of the reasons why the series suffered in season 6).

    To be honest, speaking only for myself here, I could’ve forgiven the tweet, personally. A semi raunchy question was asked and the actress was making with the tongue & cheek and I could’ve given her the benefit of the doubt. However her followup responses pretty much confirmed what people were calling out.

    Sadly she’s not the only one who has this fucked up mindset. I don’t know if most of you are aware but you can’t have gay characters on a kids show, less you lose your Y or Y7 rating as FCC regulations go.

    That’s why Gear from the hit tv show Static Shock, couldn’t be openly gay even though canonically he was gay in the comics which predates the series.

    I find it interesting that having a gay pairings on a network show is so implausible when the fact is ABC has had more than a few gay characters and gay pairings on many of their television shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Modern Family, just to name a few. So no, homos have been infiltrating your network televisions for a New York minute.

    See everyone is down for gays.

    Everyone supports homosexuality.

    No one is a homophobe.

    Everyone loves the LGBTQs.

    This is the fucking shit all the fucking time from the most rabid homophobes and privileged mofos.

    Everyone is tolerant of gays everyone believes we should be treated equally. That is until LGBTQs open our mouths and ask for equal treatment and suddenly shit is flipped.

    Being progressive means having gays in a supporting role but fuck all if the lead character is a non-stereotypical queer who is actually complex and nuanced.

    Today I had a good friend of mine throw an epic hissy fit because I refused to coddle him on his ignorance. A proud Republican, he didn’t like the fact that I pointed out why I don’t vote conservative and why the historically the GOP has done unspeakable horrors to blacks and LGBTQs. Oh yes, he’s down for gay rights until it means me demanding that Republicans not oppress minorities and not speaking out on it because he finds it offensive. Never mind how I’m offended every fucking day but he’s offended on being called out.

    Then last month I had some punkass inbred tell me how much he loves me as a Christian brother but he supports me not being able to marry the person I love because it goes against his Christian beliefs. I’m not going to mention the fact that he’s got kids out of wedlock, is divorced and has a girlfriend, who I’m sure he fornicates with regularly.

    And this is the trouble with tolerance as opposed to true equality. What is tolerance?

    “As I see it, tolerance means I don’t burn your church down, or tie you to a fence and leave you to die, or drag you down a dirt road behind my pickup. It means I tolerate your existence and little else. I let you live and breathe for another day. How nice of me.”

    Part of this I blame on (white) LGBTQs. The assimilationist politics and the house slave mentality of not rocking the boat, not demanding better from our “allies,” believe that all representation and any representation is good representation, being giddy over crumbs when we should have the whole effin cake. We don’t want to alienate our “allies” because then they won’t help us. We have to speak softly to our oppressors while they kill us harshly otherwise however will they accept us and learn the errors of their ways. That bullshit didn’t work for Booker T Washington then and it doesn’t work here and now.

    Being outspoken on equality, no matter how softly I speak or how politely, people call me angry, they call me bitter, they call me militant, they call me “uppity.” But you know what they never call me, a doormat, a sellout, a pushover, a fool. My madness has a first name and it’s M-E-T-H-O-D.

    “In NYC, finding these spaces was easier. But I’m not there right now, and I need this sanctuary more than ever. But noooooo, I can’t even have this little bit of space for my fucking self. People in their meanness and carelessness just can’t seem to help themselves. They just have to encroach upon and violate one of the few safe spaces I have to be queer.”

    White people have cried for years because I don’t let any dumbass inbred white person just roll up on to my blogs and wave their whole ass. They think they’re entitled to my space, my time and my energy. White folks have complained for years when I tell them that I don’t read male m/m slash written by white women (with the exception of an elite few). They have cried white woman tears for years when I explain why I only celebrate my Torchwood and QAF fandoms only with other queer males, POCs, or an elite set of white folks who actually have home training.

    Because they couldn’t care less about the few safe spaces we have being queer POCs.

    So RVCBard, continue to write your fanfics which celebrate queer women and do what you have to do to bring happiness into your life. Because that’s what the show is all about, correct? Everyone finding their happiness and their happy endings?

    So you write your stories boo. And I’m going to finish writing mine because I will be damned if I’m going to let anyone else tell my stories for me.

    As for the rest of you, if you’re wondering why us LGBTQS/POCs have taken such a militant stance. If you’re wondering why we no longer have a single fuck to give. If you don’t know, now you know.

    • “Being progressive means having gays in a supporting role but fuck all if the lead character is a non-stereotypical queer who is actually complex and nuanced.”

      This, right here. If you’re going to ahve a GBLTQ character on TV there is no way in hellm they can be the protagonist! If we ever see a GBLTQ character on Once Upon a Time it’ll probably one of the nuns or one of the dwarfs – a protagonist is just TOO FAR and RAMMING IT DOWN OUR THROATS and ZOMG why can’t we just be happy with bit part support roles?!

      And if it’s the protagonist then they would have to be fully rounded, deep characters with nuance and character – and that’s for the straight characters

      “Oh yes, he’s down for gay rights until it means me demanding that Republicans not oppress minorities and not speaking out on it because he finds it offensive”

      Down for speaking about them then, but not actually doing. Pretty speeches, hollow actions. Reminds me of LGBTory

      • That was a damn fine response, good sir.

        Hell, I could see the damn excuses roll up like waves on a beach and if i had the Bingo card, I could have chalked them up and won. Things like “Calm down”, “it was just a joke”, “don’t worry about it” and, in a parallel to white feminists “We’re all fans of the show, so lets just enjoy it!”

        Yeah, nice bit of erasure of the people that make up the fandom, you gigantic frigging ass.

        There’s representation, and then there’s positive represenation, and what the hell is wrong with positive representation? What’s wrong with seeing a deeply complex, nuanced character who is seen as a villain but is so much more… but who is also gay?

        They act like it’s too far out there or too complicated to write.

  2. TUMBLR! AAAARGH the place where common sense crawls to die and where fail goes to breed!

    This shit matters. The reason we have so few GBLT represenations on TV and in books is because any affection between us is seen as obscene. The reason why YA authros are pushed to straighten their characters is because it’s seen as obscene. Part of the reason we can’t hold hands or kiss in public without fear of being attacked is because it’s seen as obscene. The reason why even allowinbg us near children is considered risky is because we’re OBSCENE!

    It’s not a joke and we’re not an obscenity that needs a triple x rating

    And is it too much to ask to build these tiny little corners where you can jsut be without the straighties looming in with their fail monsters? Just a few damn corners?!

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