Green Lantern 0: Now With More Racefail

So Green Lantern #0 came out today and the world was introduced to Arab-American superhero Simon Baz.

The verdict?

He’s a car thief and he blows up an American building because that’s how Arab-Americans get down apparently. For merely being suspected of being a car thief, he gets sent to Gitmo and right as he’s about to be waterboarded, the guards refer to him as Muhammad.

I mean seriously, this is all you could come up with? My friends told me about this issue and I didn’t want to believe them. I actually read the issue and I didn’t want to believe it.

When shitty fanfics of 24 portray Arab-Americans in a better light than this garbage, you’ve fucked up.

When conservative white men are expressing outrage over the portrayal of Arab-Americans in a comic book and they are saying this comic is offensive as hell, you done fucked up.

And what the hell is Simon Baz doing with a gun when he has a Green Lantern power ring? That ring makes him one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

That’s like Superman flying around with a switchblade. It makes no sense.

Just when I thought DC couldn’t stoop any lower.

You know shit is serious when watching Joffrey get (p)imp slapped, doesn’t make me feel better.

Okay, maybe I feel a little bit better.

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9 thoughts on “Green Lantern 0: Now With More Racefail

  1. What… what…. WHAT? Seriously?

    Dear gods.They must be trying, they really must have sat down and said “how do we make this as offensive as possible?”

    I’m going to tune it all out and stare at Joffrey being slapped.

  2. Just looking at that title I wondered what could possibly go wrong. After reading about said title, my question was answered and it was worse than I feared. >.< Seriously, the fuck is this shit?

  3. Yeah, and people wonder why I’m so hard on DC Comics for their exceptional racefail…

    Well, not the people around here. Y’all are smart.

    Just, good lord, I knew the fail was mighty when I saw that picture, but also being a terrorist? And in Guantanomo Bay when he gets the ring? Did NO ONE at DC stop to think about this idea?

    So on one hand, we have one Green Lantern who’s almost literally flaming gay and whose love was killed in a horrible train wreck, on anotherwe have a car thief and terrorist…

    And Jon Stewart? The POC Green Lantern that millions know thanks t Justice League? Where’s he? Bueller? Bueller?

    Fuck you, Geoff Johns. I hope you get unemployed.

  4. And Baz didn’t just blow up an American building. It was an accident, sort of. He stole car that just happened to have a bomb in it, then he drove it into a building that he knew would be abandoned.

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