Preview This

“If you don’t want us to judge a story based on its preview, then don’t release the preview, because literally the only reason that anyone has ever released any previews of any story, in all of human history, is to get them to judge the story based on the preview. The only real point of disagreement here is that we’re not judging the story POSITIVELY based on the preview, and that we’re not pledgi

ng to BUY the story based on the preview, and that’s the fault of YOUR incompetence in creating the preview, because all we’re doing is judging the story BY THE SAME STANDARDS THAT YOU *WANT* US TO JUDGE IT.

For as much as they complain about their own audience’s so-called “whining,” entertainment media hacks are the most unforgivably entitled spoiled babies in existence. “YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO CRITICIZE IT UNTIL YOU’VE PAID US MONEY TO SEE IT, at which point we won’t care about your criticisms because we still have your money.”

Kirk Boxleitner

2 thoughts on “Preview This

  1. This!!

    I think they get hurt fee-fees once they realize the thing they’ve been working on isn’t as epic as they thought it’d be. Then they claim they released a preview for no reason at all. But honestly what’s up with these people lashig out at fans for expressing their opinions about the product?

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