WWE, I See What You Did There

Over on Smashville Wrestling, yours truly analyzes the CM Punk/AJ LEE/Daniel Bryan storyline and explains how it’s the WWE’s take on paranormal romances.

I also explain why ironically even this trainwreck of a relationship is still a better love story than Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, and True Blood.


2 thoughts on “WWE, I See What You Did There

  1. I haven’t watched WWE in ages, but from what you’re saying about this storyline, that sounds likee they’ve got some very good writers behind the scenes. I might have to start tuning in.

  2. Great post. I was thinking the same thing with regards to the Wildcards book Inside Straight. Namely, the wildcard writers came off as amateurs compared to WWE with their handling of a ridiculous conflict between a black character and a white character. Both came out looking like whiners, especially the white character.

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