Batman #12: A Review

In which yours truly critiques comic.

So several people mentioned to me yesterday that I should check out Batman #12 written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Becky Cloonan.

*rubs eyes and shakes damn head*

Becky Cloonan’s art was excellent and provided the perfect mood and tone for the issue.

The story however…….

Scott Snyder, you are a very talented writer. A refreshing alternative to the drivel that’s being pushed out on mass. The story structure in this issue was strong and you created a most intriguing and compelling character in Harper Row.

That being said, Harper’s brother had epic shades of the Terry Berg fail (the gay tragedy used as a prop to create hetero angst and motivation).

Two siblings who grow up in the inner city and the gay one is too timid/weak to throw a punch. Seriously?

I will give you a pass because I can see where you genuinely thought you were doing something positive and yes you are a very gifted writer. Going forward, I’m going need writers to avoid the following fails listed here:

And yes, to answer several friends question Batman #12 is FAR BETTER than the garbage released last week known as AVX #9.