14 thoughts on “Fuck This Movie: Savages

  1. I must admit that when I saw this trailer I was essentially thinking “Yeah, I’m going to skip this one.” I mean really, it doesn’t even look like it has a plot.

  2. … so the movie is about evil brown people who kidnap and torture a pretty white, blonde lady… and her druggie boyfriends go and rescue her…

    And they’re wearing cheap Luchadore masks… what…?

    • Of course, pretty white blond lady doesn’t do any gang thing in White People Gang while Evil PoC Lady is the boss of Evil Brown Gang. And since she’s such a widdle good woman, the obvious thing is to use her to get at the men! That’s all what women are good for.

      And a drugging scene which a look a little too rapey. By an Evil Brown Person too!

  3. Just the fact that Taylor Kitsch is in it, and it isn’t called Friday Night Lights, is a good indicator that it will suck. But Benicio del Toro, Selma Hayek, and Demián Bichir? It’d be very sad if they are in a movie that is as exploitive as this looks.

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