Brain Food – Episode 18

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest episode of Brain Food, where today I bring to you a review of a smart Marvel comic, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel!

For the next episode, I’ll be reviewing something bad… oh yes, there will be much ranting. A LOT of ranting.

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5 thoughts on “Brain Food – Episode 18

  1. Loved the ever fucking hell out of this review. Thank you for the shout-out.

    One thing I’ve come to realize. Namor is an asshole to everyone save black folks or other POCs. He hates the Avengers, hates humans, but is boys with T’Challa, adores Storm, is cool with Blue Marvel and Shuri.

    Hmmmm. What does THAT tell you.

    • Namor adores Storm?

      That tells me the man has good taste.

      Also, that he knows who has the most privilege and how power structures outside of Atlantis works.

      Plus, now I’m imagining Namor hanging out with T’Challa, chilling out and just having a drink.

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