Setting my eyes on: Assassin’s Creed liberation

Since the time when game creators in put a create “Your Own Character”, I’ve always created a female character. At times it was difficult to find a game that didn’t pander to making the female lead an eye candy.  I liked playing a female character and watching her fight. One point when I was playing Saints Row the Third, I puposely made the character look like a female James Bond (Black suit, with black slacks and black shoes). It made the game that much good. I know what you may wonder, what’s this have to do with Asssassin’s Creed the Science Fiction version of the Da Vinci Code? Well I tell you

From the game Wiki:

“The game is set between 1765 and 1780, and primarily features Aveline de Grandpré, a female French-African Assassin around the end of the French and Indian War.

Yes, a game with a female POC as the main character. Now I do find it funny how some movies (Le Comte De Monte Chirsto, Three Musketeers) never touched upon a Afro-French characters in that era.   Now from what I read about our character Aveline, she is the daughter of a wealthy bussinessman and African Mother. She joined the Creed after her mom disappearance. i got to say that this has my attention, I’ll be watching this for awhile. One of my concerns is that the backlash of gamers due to the fact that she is black. Then again it might be another Sheva problem from Resident Evil. “Like I hate her in the game, but lets make hentai pics of her.”-Random Fan

All that matters to me is finally a decent character.

10 thoughts on “Setting my eyes on: Assassin’s Creed liberation

  1. Looks like I’ve got some inspirational material for this steampunk project I’m outlining.

  2. About the only concern I have with this game is that it’s on the Vita, which isn’t nearly as wide spread as the PS3. It makes me feel that any faulure on the game’s part to sell will be placed almost solely on the lead character being a woman of colour.

    • I call itthe Tuskegee syndrome, this is where you send a Black person (real or not) on a trial run. If the Trial fails, blame it on the black person.
      Case in point
      Ultimate Spiderman
      Black Films and media

  3. Not long ago, someone from Ubisoft said something about not having a female main character because that would make the social stealth unrealistic (Yeah, I wonder how too).

    I’m confused now.

    • Well one of the early “Stealth” Mission was during the Ancient Times when Ja’el killed Sis′e‧ra with a tent pin. So yeah.

      Also with people think of stealth and women. They think of catsuits or revealing clothes. So to me this game is realisitc protray of a Female Assassin

        • Like I said before, It’s the Tuskegee syndrome, you make a black character and put them in an experimental game or movie. If it do good, then you whitewash it. Bad, you blame it on the black character.

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