Alan Scott

It appears Alan Scott has been confirmed as the outed gay superhero in question. 

So let’s review:

Rather than making Hal Jordan or any other relevant iconic superhero gay, DC opts for an obscure 1940s, alternate earth, second tier character who they can sweep under the rug whenever it’s convenient (hell we’ve seen that happen to fan faves Renee Montoya, Cassandra Cain, most of Milestone). And we won’t even mention that said character already had a gay son who they retconned out of the New 52 revamp.

More than that they chose a character who got his powers from a mystical flame. Because all gay guyz are flaming amirite? And a character who’s weakness is wood. And then they hype up the publicity expecting to get praised for this garbage.

You CANNOT tell me the brass at DC wasn’t laughing their asses off as they came up with this bullshit of a homophobic punchline.

Like I said, NOT BUYING THE HYPE!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “GREAT SCOTT!!!!!

  1. *headdesk*

    I knew it I knew it I knew it

    I’m not massive experienced with the Green Lantern but I knew Hal was the “classic” Lantern – so when they pulled out a name that was completely obscure I went digging because there HAD to be a reason.

    Uh-huh. Not surprised

  2. It gets even worse — it looks like Alan Scott’s boyfriend is promptly getting “‘fridged”, just as many commentators sadly predicted:

    It’s also worth noting that Alan Scott is appearing in DC’s Earth 2 series, which is in an alternate setting from their mainstream New52 universe. That’ll make it even easier to sweep him under the rug when convenient.

    On the other hand, this version of Alan Scott is getting his powers from a magical place in China, so there’s a wonderful opportunity to stack some Mighty Whitey/”exotic orient” racefail on to this too. Thanks, DC!

    • They’re going to fridge his boyfriend after they propose?



      They’re also invoking the “gay happiness, make them suffer!” trope – because gay love had to be punished. I don’t believe this shit.

      • I saw this shit coming a mile away. Like I said before. Look at how DC treats their existing queer characters. Why should Scott be any different?

        • Is there anyone in editorial with half a fucking brain anymore? ANYONE!? We know that there are some good writers there, but editorial just seems flat out intent on alienating as many people as possible with this kind of bull shit.

          Yay, mysterial orientalism magical powers! Seriously? I saw enough of that garbage over in Marvel with Doctor Strange and Iron Fist, but I honestly thought that they had grown beyond that.

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