May Dream Casting: Star Trek Eclipse

Ok I take this time to post for a new Star Trek Mini-series. No to be intertwine with Abramverse.

Plot: In 237X: After the War of the Dominion. The Federation tries to recover from the loss of the War despite winning the war. Starfleet is trying to go back to the exploration backed by the Klingon Government. Due to the Recovery, Independent human planets had formed an alliance calling themselves the Allied Colonial Forces. The ACF is modeled from the 21th century Earth. With the Raising power of the ACF, it started a Federation Cold War with the Romulian backing. Meanwhile The newly starship-class Otomo  USS Eclipse have been commissioned by the Starfleet. During their Voyage they encounter a Scorpion Class Starship, the ACF flagship, destroying Cardassian ship. So the Eclipse have to find a way to stop the ship.

Cast of Characters:

Captian Michelle Lanley

Bio: A veteran of the Dominion War, after the war she was awarded the Rank of Captian. Her history is shown that her captian lead her crew to a fleet of Jem’Hadar attack ships despite Starfleet ordering him not to do so. So she has nightmares of what happen and blames herself. Her Alignment is lawful Neutral

Ideal Actress: Gabrielle Union

Commander Chizuru Kuzunoha: Family Wipeout by the Breen attack, leaving her with her brother. So She requested to be commission to the a starship. The Eclipse was the first one she picked. Doesn’t really care much for The Federation, due to the fact that she feels that the War can be adverted. Alignment neutral.

Chiaki Kuriyama

Note i wasn’t too sure to make Commander Kuzunoha a Male or female

If male I’ll pick

Takeshi Kanshiro

Chief Medical Officer En Sha: A Bajorian officer transfered from Bajor on the orders of the Bajorian Government. He’s a father to two children

Arnold Vosloo

Klingon Liaison/Tactical Officer: Alexander Rozhenko: Grew From a confused young man to a Gunslinger Klingon. After being first hand in the Dominion War he grew a Klingon and a human. He kinda like Spike Spelgle from Cowboy Bebop.

Shasa Roz

Chief Engineer: Vincent Faire: Newly Promoted Engineer. An Everyman. Divorced twice, right now he’s having a hard time seeing his family.

Helmsman: Ensign Aisling Scalleta: Fresh out of the academy. She is quiet and serious. Looks up to Commander Kuzunoha as a big sister figure.

Admiral Jessica Cruz: She was the one who helped with the Rebuiding of Cardassia. After the War she sensed that Starfleet is changing drastically. Very ambitious. Aimes to be Head of Starfleet. Close friends with Lanley.

So what do ya think

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  1. I don’t have much background information about Star Trek so I felt rather lost (I still have no idea just how imposing a Scorpion Starship is supposed to be). But having watched your link and reading through again, I am starting to see all the potential. And I am liking what I am seeing.

    Also, yay for Kaneshiro Takeshi!

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