Young Justice, You’ve Got My Attention

As many of you may recall, I had more than a few issues and concerns with the Young Justice series when it initially premiered. For those of you just joining us or if you need a refresher, feel free to catch up here.

With that being said, I continued to watch the series and steadily the show improved with each episode. However it was the season finale, Usual Suspects, that proved to be a game changer and setting up for season two: Young Justice Invasion which premieres this weekend.

From a writing standpoint, the episode broke some cliches and threw some surprise twists that I honestly didn’t expect them to do. Said surprise twists made for some excellent storytelling.

I was finally happy to see the storyline of three YJ members–Miss Martian, Connor, Artemis– being blackmailed for their deep dark secrets come to an end. I especially liked that at least one other team member knew their deepest darkest secret and it didn’t matter to them. To me they bonded more organically as a team in that respect. Said bonding is going to also be put to the test now that it appears that the Justice League has been compromised.

But the biggest treat for me in that episode was the arrival of Rocket.

First and foremost, I’m very happy to see this series and DC in general paying homage to the heroes and heroines of Milestone Comics. Secondly, a finer choice couldn’t have been made. For those of you who know the story, it was Rocket who inspired Icon to become a superhero and to use his powers to protect the Earth. Unlike most sidekicks who are usually wards in training by their mentors, Rocket flips the trope and serves as a guide for Icon. She’s definitely going to be a great fit for the team and I look forward to seeing what the writers do with her.

With Young Justice Invasion, the stakes are being raised and the ante is being upped. It appears that we’re going to see some major payoffs from some groundwork that had been laid in season one. Chief among them, the appearances of some other YJ members: Cassie (Wonder Girl), Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon: OH HELL YES!!!!), and others. It just got real. But don’t take my word for it:

To quote Jim Ross, Business Is About To Pick Up.

I’ll be watching.

5 thoughts on “Young Justice, You’ve Got My Attention

  1. thank you for this post, well written as always, Neo, i’ve also been an avid watcher of “Young Justice” since the inception, and i have been watching much of the same things. when i was sure i saw Rocket in episode 19, i got excited. i like the intricacies of this series, and am surprised at myself that i’m surprised it’s affiliated with Mr. Weisman of “Gargoyles” fame (which i agree with you from your previous post, as well).

    i have been tossing around thoughts of my own especially since episode 21, “Image.” i do not mean to hijack your post, but my fear of writing one myself leads me to a brief comment in support of your thesis to show how much one can plumb the depths of this series. i see many potential allegories to M’gann’s “secret”. primarily for me that of a trans person, especially a trans woman, “shapeshifting” and going stealth and the internalized self-hate and fear of being read. i like the three-dimensionality of her character and the interesting choice of a created persona coming from a stock sit-com TV character that meant inclusion to her. the three-dimensionality of her character and choices and fear even with the “characture of femininity” she chooses. the vulnerability when she comes up with a second Martian form when her teammates ask her about it. and then her vulnerability again when she comes out to them. and Connor’s response that he knew and it didn’t change anything for him. i would also like to do even more analysis beyond trans allegory with M’gann coming from a marginalized race and fitting in, however i wanted to illustrate the visceral impact this had on me as a trans woman. interesting stuff to unpack and i don’t think that there’s judgement, but instead sensitivity, on the part of the show, even if it was accidental. M’gann’s vulnerability and three dimensionality and the depths of her story really hit me in the stomach. M’gann and Artemis are my favorite characters, and i wish this show was around when i was watching Gargoyles as a kid.

    there’s a lot to watch in “Young Justice,” and again, Neo, thank you for this discussion.

    • Terra, I totally get where you’re coming from in regards to M’gann’s “secret” and how you were able to connect to it as a trans person. Interesting thing I discovered while doing research form my Awesome LGBTQ Comic Book characters list, is that many trans or genderqueer characters had the ability to shapeshift. Not sure if that’s a trope or a statement about identity but yes I totally get the trans allegory and if you feel so inclined, we’d love to get more of your thoughts in a post on here.

      After all, that’s what AM is all about. Looking beyond the surface to something deeper and something special.

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