Black Superheroes: A Tribute

In honor of Black History Month, I thought I’d celebrate by showcasing a few of my favorite black superheroes (and supervillains) from comics and/or other fandoms with comic tie-ins.

Cyborg from Smallville. My man is fine isn’t he. Go ahead and look. THAT’S CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!

And speaking of casting win on Smallville, THIS!!!!!!

An awesome site I found while composing this post:

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20 thoughts on “Black Superheroes: A Tribute

  1. More Storm!!!

    Okay, you’re gonna have to humor me because a lot of these heroes/she-roes I don’t know. But thanks for adding the greatest Catwoman of all, Eartha Kitt! Adam West said he loved working with her and let’s face it, she had the purr going on!

  2. Misty Knight (the sister with the skin tight red outfit and the banging afro) is one of my favorite. I’m thinking about cosplaying her…

  3. Hey, where’s Luke Cage? I don’t see him anywhere. Maybe he’s drawn differently in the pictures you have, and I understand this tribute is not exhaustive, but Luke Cage is one of the best.

    • Luke Cage is listed. He’s after Huey Freeman. The pic of him is from the Luke Cage noir series which I highly recommend if you haven’t read it.

      • Thanks for the Luke Cage Noir recommendation. I hadn’t realized he was among the Noir character series and it was a great read.

        Another excellent story this post introduced me to was the Legend of the Blue Marvel, another series I’d missed previously. I can’t help but find it telling that the blnd-haired, blue-eyed character with somewhat similar abilities and origins and his own feature mini-series — The Sentry — has been seamlessly integrated into the mainstream Marvel U, is now on their most prominent superteam and even has his own Marvel Select Action Figure, while the Blue Marvel only got subsequent token appearances (in pretty much every meaning of token one cares to apply). :(

        In addition to the Smallville heroes you showed above, I’d like to give honorable mention to the Smallville version of the Martian Manhunter. He may not count as his natural form is a green alien, but the choice to have Phillip Morris play the human form of John Jones was inspired, so much so that even though I’d grown up seeing MM’s human form as a white man I now see Phillip Morris as the “true” John Jones and have actually been uncomfortable seeing Jones depicted as a white man ever since – it just seems wrong.

        • “In addition to the Smallville heroes you showed above, I’d like to give honorable mention to the Smallville version of the Martian Manhunter. ”


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