10 thoughts on “The Arkh Project: Cis straight white people are trying to shut Arkh down.

  1. …the unmitigated GULL of those stupid, assholish, over-privileged arseheads!

    I’ve got a hockey stick and an angry grizzly bear woken up from his winter nap on hand and 9 days off, I can be ready to let the rage go up close and personal if need be.

    I can’t properly articulate just how angry this makes that this group is being targeted just because they’re trying to make something for themselves, a positive bit of POC and queer story telling, and support others! Talk about being afraid of others! Talk about the sheer amount of EGO that must go into them thinking “Oh no, *I’m* not being included in this!? Lawyers away! Salve my wounded pride!”

  2. so it’s ok for weebos to pose as Asian people and bite off their culture, but when a POC/queer person tries to create a RPG white people go crazy. The world never cease to amaze me

  3. Isn’t it amazing that they can completely ignore the blatant race-baiting of the GOP but somehow find a sentence that seeks to include PoCs and the GLBTQ community as an example of “discrimination”? These people say nothing about the first African-American president being referred to as ‘the food stamp president”, but have are having tizzy fits because marginalized groups are tired of being tokens in the gaming world? This just makes me face-palm. I didn’t see anything which indicated Cis white folks weren’t being included, but I did see a primary focus on us.

    Here’s what cracks me up: it’s obvious that we in these marginalized communities are no longer sitting and waiting around for the rest of the world to get a clue. We’re being proactive and creating our own spaces, comics, books and games. I guess because of that kind of “uppity” behavior, somehow that’s a threat.

    Reminds me of someone on the City of Heroes MMRGP who asked me why I made all my characters black? My answer: Why are all of yours white? The answer to that: crickets chirping.

  4. They’re complaining about an RPG that prioritises GBLT people and POC… have they even glanced at the industry? Can they even grasp a gazillionth of what we feel for not only not being prioritised, but not existing in 99.999999% of all RPGs?

  5. Well on the bright side, yesterdays ARKH twitter blitz was a pretty big success. Gail Simone and Neil Gaiman both tweeted it, and the Indiegogo fundraiser has already exceeded its fundraising goal with over thirty days left. There are also pdf. files available that’ll allow you to print out flyers or just put some advertising on your facebook or something. I’m disappointed by what happened, but even though I’m not a part of the project it’s really uplifting to see the way support has been flowing for this project. 🙂

  6. What’s even worse is how people are slandering Riley by claiming shi is an bigoted scammer with hir head in the clouds who doesn’t actually have what it takes to make a game that isn’t a bunch of ideas posted on a blog, like in this post here for example: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3403990&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=498#post400316800

    Someone makes an RPG for LGBT and POC and those fucking white herteo assholes have to shit all over it.

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