Just In Time For MLK Day

I swear DC is making sure I don’t give them money:



Mister Terrific? Static Shock? Cancelled!

Just in time for the national celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Black comics fans were treated to some less-than-pleasant news this morning …

As part of the six new May books being announced today, DC Comics has also announced six cancellations, all ending on their eighth issues. Men Of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk And Dove, Blackhawks andStatic Shock …

… it is notable that two of the books, Mister Terrific and Static Shock featured a single male black lead, leaving Batwing. A modicum of self recognition is superhero titles is sometimes necessary, and it is a shame that this has been denied many now. [sic] But sales on both these titles were rather low, comparatively. Although they both will have sold tens of thousands more copies than they would have done without a DC Relaunch.

Admirable that DC grand poobah Dan DiDio allowed his own title to be cancelled, it’s also worth noting is that DC went from employing 100 percent of the Black writers in mainstream comics — Eric Wallace and Marc Bernardin — to having zero with this move. Neither Wallace nor Bernardin had a comment as of press time.

In the mean time, it’s interesting to note that we again are finding it hard to secure a place in the Direct Market environment, as the retailers who buy the books were unable to market to our demographic successfully enough for these titles to have sales figures strong enough to survive. Having two Black writers at DC and none at Marvel was interesting enough, but now Black voices have been silenced in the “mainstream” industry, and only one DC book with a Black lead — Batwing, written by Judd Winick — remains.

As we so often do, times like this make us miss Dwayne McDuffie …

[Source: Bleeding Cool]


Let’s note how DC hasn’t (at least as of me penning this post) replaced the black writers or the black titles with other black titles. It’s the typical “We tried it didn’t work, WHAT MOAR DO YOU PEEPUL WANT?” But just went with white stories with white peepuls.

And before racist white folks start making the fallacious “It’s About Sales” argument, let me point out that Magog flopped repeatedly and DC was hellbent on trying to make him happen.

And meanwhile I”m STILL waiting on my Cassandra Cain series.

Cassandra Cain my boo , a woman of color with disabilities, outsold Green Arrow, Aquaman, Catwoman, Stephanie Brown, and whole slew of white characters and note how nearly all of them have been given reboot after reboot after reboot, no matter how many times they have flopped.

We’re talking about the SAME Cassandra Cain that is DC brass has admitted is the most asked about character at conventions.

This is why black folks and other POCs need to start using our resources to create and support our own stories. Because clearly mainstream (read: white) has no desire to do so.

Wasn’t New 52 supposed to be a brand new day at DC and they promised to fight to be more inclusive? Because it looks to me like it’s still business as usual.

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  1. Unfortunately, it feels to me that you won’t get your Cass Cain comic unless there’s a major reshuffling of the upper deck of execs in DC, with the first being the riddance of Geoff Johns. After all, and maybe this just might be me, but ever since he came into his role in DC, he’s done everything he can to tell people that Green Lantern is Hal Jordan and not Jon Stewart. There’s been the live action movie, the new animated series, the direct to DVD releases… it all feels like he’s correcting some ‘mistake’ that Dwayne McDuffie made in making Jon Stewart into an actual character.

    Overall though, the new DC 52 is just whitewashed paint splashed over a dead, dying, leaky ship that’s continuing on its course despite people screaming that there’s a giant FRIGGING ICEBERG straight ahead…

  2. Did you read about the behind the scene circumstances of Static Shock? http://johnrozum.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-i-quit-static-shock.html The comic was bad because Scott McDaniel, a terrible artist who deals in “Ok, let’s cut his arm off, that’ll get the morons riled up!” hackery prevented Rozum from having any meaningful input because Rozum’s vision didn’t match up with his scriptwriting 101 book. I love Static, what a shame and a lost opportunity!

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