Still not too late to support theatre by and about queer women of color

The 2012 production of Tulpa, or Anne&Me is still trying to raise $3,000 for a production in April. So far, people have contributed a total of $700. This means that Tulpa still needs $2,300 to meet its fundraising goal. Without your support, this cannot happen. But it’s not too late! If you can contribute something, anything to this project between now and the January 12 deadline, please do so ASAP. All you have to do is click on this link to make a secure online donation.

And, as a token of my appreciation, if you make a contribution (of ANY amount) between now and January 1, you’ll get a little something special from me via e-mail.

BONUS: If you’d like to see more LGBTQ and POC representation in gaming, check out and support The Arkh Project.