The Black Girls Club

The Black Girls Club: A comprehensive look at the women fandom loves to hate.

Other Required Reading:

Fandom And Its Hatred Of Black Women

Black Heroines: A Tribute

 Fandom can keep hating them, I’m gonna keep loving them. Now stay mad!!!!


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One thought on “The Black Girls Club

  1. Every time that someone mentions Martha Jones and the excellent actress who plays her, I am saddened at the huge waste of potential that was the character and the waste of Freema Agyeman’s talents. I loved her right from the start the moment she told the Doctor that the title of the Doctor was something you earned, not just something you gave yourself. I admired her courage under pressure, how up front and demanding she was of the Doctor to explain who he was and where he’s from, and even, in the end, her courage to leave the TARDIS and the Doctor to pursue her own life once more.

    And while she had some time in season 4 to shine, she should not have needed it, she should have had it back in season 3 instead of having the Doctor be all sad over Rose’s departure for that entire damned season.

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