Open Discussion: Once Upon A Time

So one of the most popular new shows this season has been the hit series Once Upon A Time.

RVC Bard and I have been having some excellent discussions about the characters, the plot, etc.

I’ll be the first to say the show has its work cut out for it, but there’s a lot of potential there. I certainly find myself liking it a lot more than I thought I would.

One of the characters who has made me a fan of the show, is this one right here:


*Sees RVC Bard giving me the evil eye. Dodges a tennis shoe*

So what say the rest of you? What are your thoughts on the show? Your favorite characters? What do you enjoy? What aren’t you feeling? And….um….by any other members of Team Henry?

*Dodges a vase. Runs away.*

11 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Once Upon A Time

  1. I’ve been really underwhelmed by it so far. I feel like the characters are pretty one dimensional for the most part, and Henry irritates the living crap out of me! My big issue with him is how he treats the people around him; he supposedly cares about Snow White and his birthmom, Emma, but continually uses blatant emotional manipulation to make them do things that he KNOWS will get them in trouble. He has shown zero interest in them as people, except how they can further his own personal (albeit mostly noble) goal.

    Also, I was truly annoyed at how the portrayed the mayor when we first meet her. Presumably I was supposed to know IMMEDIATELY that, because she’s the evil queen analogue, her responses were evil. But frankly, if I had an adopted kid and he disappeared for days and then showed up with his biological mother who refused to respect my boundaries about interactions with my son? I’d be pretty freaking pissed off, too! (Obviously framing Emma was over the line, but that I was somehow supposed to find her completely unreasonable was really offputting to me.)

    Snow White bugs me, mostly because she is pretty much drawn as someone who lives only for others. I don’t know anything about her own personal ambitions, other than to find True Love. Even her banditry in the fairy tale world is about staying alive, not making a statement or doing Robin Hood type wealth redistribution.

    Finally, I’m disappointed in the serious lack of POC. There’s the magic mirror/newspaper guy (Hi Gus! I loved you in Breaking Bad!) and there was Cinderella’s fairy godmother. A total of 5 minutes of screen time maybe?

    That said, I DID enjoy the back story on how the prince and Snow White met. (Though I’m utterly confused about how The Queen is related to The Prince as they are pretty much the same age.) I found their parting of the ways incredibly sweet.

    • Actually, the lack of POCs in a picturesque New England town is just about the most realistic part of the show. It’s a gated community without gates!

    • I;m actually amazed the mayor hasn’t had Emma arrested yet. Really arrested. Emma’s interfered with police cases, stalked her son, frequently taken her son places with his mother’s express orders to the contrary.


    I love the show, but I’m having serious problems with what it’s suggesting about single/working/adoptive mothers.

    I think a lot of the whole “Regina is a horrible parent” thing has a lot to do with what we assume to be true about motherhood and mothers, as well as how those expectations play out with real people.

    C’mon, what do you think is more compelling to watch? How BadAwfulWrong Regina is for Henry because she doesn’t love him? Or how Regina, as a person capable of great love*, nevertheless is incapable of expressing that love in a way that Henry can understand and appreciate?

    I would love to see the show develop this through Henry, wherein he learns that real people cannot be divided up into Good Mommy and Evil Stepmother.

    I’m also apprehensive about the source of the Evil Queen’s antipathy toward Snow White. If it’s about some dude, I’m gonna be pissed.

    *”The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” (Elie Wiesel)

    • I would love to see the show develop this through Henry, wherein he learns that real people cannot be divided up into Good Mommy and Evil Stepmother.

      THIS. I would watch the HELL out of this show!

  3. I actually like Emma Swan, she’s real, stubborn, kicks arse and can do it in ridiculous heels. Fairy tale snow white can so the same, real world Mary needs a spine pronto

    I expected the show to be all straight and white, I wanted to judge it for it but if I hated everything on TV that was that had the same fail, I’d never love anything

    I set out to hate this story and failed to do so. it’s not the best ever and it has all the depth and meanings and societal commentary of a McDonald’s wrapper yet i find myself liking it despite that

    • I expected the show to be all straight and white, I wanted to judge it for it but if I hated everything on TV that was that had the same fail, I’d never love anything

      Right? I mentioned it because I was SO tickled that the fairy godmother was brown, and then POOF. I do believe I yelled at the teevee. But I know EXACTLY what you mean.

      • I’ve just reached a point of grim acceptance. I can’t even get angry about erasure any more because I’ve given up (and, tbh, at least 80% of the time when there wasn’t erasure I really wish there was)

        One thing that actually annoys me more are moments like the fairy godmother. i just sit there and think “y’know, if this is the best you can do for a token then don’t bother, stop pretending because that’s not even worth an inclusion cookie crumb”

  4. In an ideal world, Emma Swan would break the curse by making Regina realize that the two of them belong together, thus turning the show from “Once Upon A Time” to “Henry’s Two Mommies.”

    • That would be awesome. Now I can’t stop thinking of the conflict between Regina and Emma as two divorced parents fighting over custody, and Henry as their kid shamelessly milking the situation for more attention and presents. In an ideal world, happily ever after would mean Regina and Emma getting couple’s counseling and tying the knot.

  5. The one thing a new show must do is choose the right actors/actresses for the part. Whoever chose these people are genius. The only one I thought was a little “off the mark” was the sheriff, and he gone. I love the show. My only hope is that they don’t make us wait sooooooooooooo long for answers, like LOST did. I loved LOST, but it got so stupid after a while I quit watching it. These people who make these shows have to understand that we wait a whole week to watch this, and if you do not answer some of our questions, or make us wait till who knows when, we will give up and quit watching.My one question now, is why is it that a kiss of love can break any spell………Snow White “Mary Margret”, kissed her prince charming, and it dod not release any memories to him, (like the shariff) or “break” the spell. So what up with that.

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