A petition for female Character in the new Grand Thieft Auto

Ok, in case people haven’t heard that Rockstar is releasing a new GTA game set in Los Santos an expy of Las Angeles.

My thing is that I’m tired of playing male characters.

Ok, you have your Solid Snake, Ezio, and Kazuma Kiryu. But no women. Some of the woman character you play wear skimpy outfits that would look crazy in the real world. I like to play with a female character that is someone I can actually believe. Like Niko Bellic, Vito Scaletta, Cole Phelps and John Morterson. I’m mostly using male characters because there are few female characters in the Western market. Heck, what made Metal Gear Solid is that The Boss is a tragic hero.

So, I say to gamers please sign up. If they can get a Female Shepard in Mass Effect than GTA needs a female character.

Petition For a Female Character in GTA.

Yes I know GTA is not an ideal game morally, but it would be nice to play as a woman for once even in a DLC.

The following items that I would like to see if they have female character:

  1. Passes the Bechdel Test
  2. Have someone who is actually believable. A woman living in a nice suburban town where everything is peachy is not real. But a woman actually fighting to make ends meet is more believable.
  3. Outfits: A woman in a bikini or a with little or no clothing is more likely to be dumped in the old Tomb Raider bin along with the Dead Or Alive beach games.
  4. Romance: Well the other GTA games didn’t. Niko did but it ended horribly. He was even haunted by the ghost. (
  5. Women of Color: It would be way better if Rockstar have made a Black/Latina/Asian/Middle Eastern character.
  6. Writing: If they can make a believable story out of Niko Bellic, then they can make the same with a woman. Just don’t use use stereotypes. Like she’s looking for a man, or a man inspired her to a life of crime and Etc.
  7. Model: Not every woman is going to look like Megan Fox. I’m not going to believe that Calista Flockhart is going around shooting up people nor Gabourey Sidibe. Suggestions:
    • Gabriel Union: I really like her. I would love to see her more.
    • Michelle Rodriguez: Do I really need to ask
    • Aya Ueto: She was good in Azumi and is better looking than the cookie cutters in Hollywood
    • Eliza Dusku: I don’t care what anyone says – she is the best slayer in the Buffyverse
    •  Chiaki Kuriyama: She really needs to come to America (for me personally she needs to work with Spike Lee)
    • Michelle Yeoh: She has also worked in drama in Hong Kong
    • Zoe Saldana: Do I need to say more?
    • Yukie Nakama: I liked her in Gokusen and Shinobi
    • Naomie Harris: Perfect for the model
    • Carmen Moore: I liked her character in Caprica
    • Alessandra Torresani: same, but she knows Martial Arts and will be perfect as a made woman
    • Felica Pearson: The Wire; out off all the woman on the show she was the most believable character
    • Rosalyn Sanchez: I loved her in Missing Without a Trace and she is the Anti-Lopez.
Ok I’ve ranted and raved about it. So what can you do? Spread the word. Sign it. Do something.

6 thoughts on “A petition for female Character in the new Grand Thieft Auto

  1. I tossed on my vote as well! Lets hope this works out well. GTA4 had a great story about revenge, retribution, and redemption, so lets hope that we can get a female character in GTA5 with a great story as well.

  2. Tossed in my vote as well. I second the recommendation of Saints Row. Because all of the dialogue towards the Boss (the player character) is essentially the same, it passes every test mentioned if the player chooses to customize their character in such a way. The Boss struggles to keep their gang together and lead them to success. The writing might still be an issue as it is not gender or race specific and there’s no romance option in the first two games at least, no idea if they’ll include it in the upcoming third game. However, it is the only sandbox game I’m aware of where the PC can be literally anything you choose and by the very nature of that customization, there’s no different treatment for the Boss based on race, gender, or body type. There is, unfortunately, still an underlying assumption of heteronormal in the sex worker missions putting you with someone of the opposite sex and I can’t recall any opportunities in which one could have same-sex relationships (as previously noted, there’s no romance options). There are still some problematic portrayals inherent in the game world stemming from it drawing some obvious inspiration from GTA, such as some misogynistic (and probably homophobic but I honestly can’t recall) being thrown around. But for my money, Saints Row 2 was a far more enjoyable game than GTA4. I’d love to see Rockstar put some effort into character customization. I mean honestly I can see no reason they couldn’t just provide a selection of love interests for the PC to pursue and let you completely customize your character. I assume it’s going to be the exact same ‘tough person trying to overcome their past gets drawn back in and has to fight to make a place’ storyline from every other GTA and I can’t see any reason why letting players choose their character’s gender, race, and sexual orientation would change the narrative. Unless of course they’re desperate to keep attacking easy targets and appealing to that straight, white, male demographic.

  3. I remember being really excited about Mirror’s Edge back when it was released — a female protagonist who wasn’t all about violence in a near-future video game setting? Count me in! But the parkour gameplay was terrible and jarring. I’d be thrilled to have a sandbox game like GTA4 with the driving and the exploration and the revenge plot that also fit the criteria above. With a playable character who wasn’t damn Catwoman (as I give Arkham City the side-eye).

    My suggestion for a model: Gina Torres.

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