Review: The New 52

For a lot of friends, colleagues, loved ones, and casual acquaintances, I’m usually the 411 on all things comics-related. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people have been wanting to get my take on the DC relaunch.

Understandable considering it has been the hot topic of discussion and controversy. I decided to wait until after all 52 comics were released before I did a review and shared my impressions. For the relaunch I decided to vote with my dollars and with a few exceptions, I only purchased titles that feature POCs and LGBTQs as the lead and primary protagonists. It’s no secret that POCs and LGBTQs take a backseat in comics and media in general and has been my resolution for years now, I mainly purchase and support marginalized media.

Brain Food – Episode 6

On today’s episode I discuss the first novel of RJ Scott’s trilogy, Fire.

It is, without a doubt, one of the worst bits of fiction I’ve ever seen, and my review will explain why.

Seriously, I could think of a dozen ways that this could have been improved, and I doubt that any of those ways were taken in the second and third volumes of the series, which I will not be collecting.

This was a total skip, people. Total… skip.