13 thoughts on “Fuck This Movie: “This Means War” (2011)

  1. what wrong with this movie:

    1. they are trying to capitialize on the fact both played in star trek
    2. Drop the romance and and concentrate on both guys.
    3. It would be better if one was a female (no romance in sight means that it’s platonic)
    4. They”re all white.
    5. Drop the pretty white girl.
    7. It would be more better if they had Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim) and Jordana Brewster (Fast Five) instead of Chris Pine and Tom Brady and follow the three laws of female casting.
    8. They are all white

    So that’s my take

    • The slut shaming goes like this:

      “See these two very attractive and highly competent men trying to kill each other? That’s because the woman they are both dating is a lying, two-timing whore!”

  2. … uh… is this a joke? This has to be a parody… this is the only way this works, in that we LAUGH AT the two men and hope the woman finds someone she likes. It HAS to be… and yet, it’s being told completely straight-faced. I mean, this is being played for laughs, but it feels as though we’re being told to root for the two immature idiots who have CIA resources at their disposal and do things like violate personal freedom to win a girl, who might as well just be a fancy car at this point.

    Good lord, it’s Scott Pilgrim, all over again.

    And the first 30 seconds actually made it look like an entertaining action movie.

    *shakes head* And yeah, there are a WHOLE lot of vanilla in this movie. I’m not even sure I saw any people of colour in the background.

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