Chromatic casting and other pipe dreams

A new thing I’m hoping to do with Ars Marginal is to introduce and adapt the chromatic casting meme that’s been doing around for a while. The basic gist is to reverse the whitewashing and racebending that happens far too often in film, TV, games, and other media by putting a POC spin on characters who would normally default as White*.  I figure turnabout is fair play. If they can fuck with us, we can fuck with them.

* Case in point: Heimdall. While that is the rare instance in a mainstream Hollywood release that reverses the whitewashing trend, the fact that it sticks out is saying something. And I won’t like – I loved how straightwhitecis fanboys nearly gave themselves aneurysms over it.

Then I saw Aliens at a midnight matinee last weekend and remembered that Ripley was originally supposed to be a man. So I thought, “What if we did this for gender too? What if we busted this shit wide open?”

So let’s have at it! Use the comments of this post to suggest a film, a TV show, a play, a game, or whatever media that you want to see a chromatic and/or womanly spin on. For example, in light of Deconstructing Pointy-eared White Supremacists, we could do a chromatic version of the Elves from LotR or perhaps an all-woman version of The Expendables.

Are you up for this? Just reply to this post with your ideas (and links to your blog, LJ, dreamwidth, etc.)!

Inclusive Comics Roundup

So if you’re like me and you’re always on the look out for inclusive comic book stories which prominently features POCs and LGBTQs, you should definitely give Wonder City Stories a gander.

I just recently discovered New Readers Start Here. It’s intended as a review site for those people who have never read a comic before, or maybe not read one for a long time, and are interested in finding out more but don’t know where to start.

Among the excellent features, they’re doing a series on characters of color in superhero comics. You’ll definitely want to check it out.

Also….the Kevin Keller miniseries. It’s available on the digital Archie app. GET THIS SERIES!!!!!!