Boycott Mainstream Media

Long time ago when I was young, there used to be a lot of shows with a multicultural cast from different backgrounds. Some was very more PC (political Correct) than others. Mind you my childhood was in the 90’s. Not a lot of black

homes had internet at the time. So we couldn’t look at youtube or other outlets to teach us about the cultures. My family was very fortunate, because I was raise to learn about different things. I was very blessed to the willingness to learn about people although at a young age but it was very limited. I didn’t perceived white and black as a complex thing. In my culture you were human being with different background and you were accepted. Much later on in my years when I was able to go online during the last days of the dail-up system, I was learning. Then in high school I did a paper on the history of Japan from the Sengoku era to the Meiji Era. (Although I failed because I showed more knowledge than the others, but that will come in another time.) I wanted to learn more. Some stuff happened and I saw things differently.

Reason why I’m telling you this so that people who are new can understand why I see things in a different light. With that being said, with the things I know now, I don’t have the heart to watch TV or movies. The main thing I look for when watching TV, is how the actors and the characters are represented. I look how do the show perceive POC (people or color), I look how the women are treated. I look for everything. These days’ shows are not what they use to be. It’s like media is going backwards.   I’m going to list the problems of the media, not shows media in general.

View Of movies

When I was growing up, I remember good directors. Like Spike Lee (almost all of his movies), Pual Verhooven (Robocop, Total Recall), John Singleton (Higher Learning, Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator), much later Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Jin Roh), Akira Kurosawa (Yojimbo High and Low), Tsui Hark (Wong Fei Hong).  At age of three, I LOVED Batman, with Prince singing “Partyman” and “Scandalous”. At the time WAY before Nolan, Batman was considered dark. But I always analyzed the movie. Why did Joker kill Batman’s parents, why does Gotham City look like a giant factory? Why? Why? Why? Film analyst at an early age. Then I started to pick at the movies, me, my brother and my mom will discuss movies. At high school, I was in a samurai movie crazy, it didn’t help that I was an anime otaku (more like weebo) So later on when me and my brother went to go see “Last Samurai”. The was ok, until I saw This. For some reason after Paul Mooney poked at the Last Samurai, I never watch it again. Sure I watched Samurai films, but the ones with white people in it; I felt some type of way about it. Wasn’t too sure what it was something? Then this Happend. But it happen when I became picky about movies and shows namely Heroes. Then after reviews and reviews, then the realization hit me: Hollywood is controlled by white people.  So since them it was no turning back.

War on Media.

When I started watching movies with a watchful eye, I noticed that it was segregated, like mainstream movies and (insert race) movies. Like there was no unity. I always watch a movie and think of ways how can it end it differently. Like instead of Tom Cruise being the Last Samurai it was Denzel Washington or if you want to be daring you cast Angela Bassett or Gabriel Union as a Harriet Tubman Expy to join Katsumoto fight against the Meiji Government. So my mom would tell me to write my own story. It was simple ideas that was original and new. So why don’t Hollywood do the same? Well, it’s run by Nazis and undercover racist that like the status quo and keep it that way. They use several devices to keep it that way.

Monochrome casting:

Remember Friends? And how they have a few Black, Latino, and Middle Eastern friends? Well neither do I. Taken you have some white people who are close to other white people. But one thing this is TV if I wanted to watch a show with a bunch of white people, I would settle with watching old movies. Now I’m not saying it needs to be PC now, but let’s do this for the sake of argument:

Ross and Monica:  Dominicans (I rarely see a Dominican Character)

Chanler: Black

Phoebe: Middle Eastern.

Joey: Japanese

Rachel: Native American

See that wasn’t so hard. Just have the same personality as the white one and you have a show. Ok I Ieft out white people, but they have billions of other white shows. In fact they might watch this version Friends. See it took me five seconds to come up with that casting. Now you need actors and you have billions to choose from. That’s how you battle monochrome. If Chessy Power Rangers can do this why can producers? Yeah that money argument is not going to Work. But we have a mulit-cast of characters or one black guy. Yeah….

Tokenism I.

One thing I hate is Token, I hate tokens. Now ok, you might have that (insert Race) friend, but do the character know their names, last names, what they liked, dislike, parents, dogs? Well it don’t matter he’s just there to help out the white guy and he’s sometimes the buttmonkey. He or she stands in the crowd of white people and just say some hood slangs like This. Please note this now mind you he doesn’t matter to the story, you kill him off and no one will know the difference. Now tokenism comes in races, heck even black shows do this from time to time.

Tokenism: Background Characters.

Now it’s ok to have one token character, now let’s double that shall we? Background characters are used when the show wants to be multi-cultural but don’t want to focus on them. Like the move Push, it takes place in Hong Kong, but does it have Chinese characters? Take Glee, no ok you have a cast of characters but the are just pushed aside. I mean read this:

“Rachel’s shirt read “Nose.” She had earlier decided against getting rhinoplasty that might erase one marker of her ethnic heritage. Kurt’s top read “I like boys.” And, in this episode, we saw the close of a storyline where he is bullied at school because of his homosexuality. Britney’s read “I’m with stoopid”–a nod to the running gag that is her questionable intellect. Mercedes, the sole regular black character on the show, wore a shirt that said “No weave.” I’m not sure exactly what her insecurity is. Does she hate that she wears a weave? Does she not wear a weave, but thinks she should? In this (customary) ignoring of Mercedes’ character development, Glee missed a chance to provide a window into what it’s like to be one of a very few students of color (particularly a black girl) at a majority white school.”

Now people thought it was funny it was the punchline of the show. This is what I think. Now I can spend the whole blog talking about Glee and its Neo-Nazi ideas. In fact there are blogs dedicated to it. It’s like talking about the philosy of Citizen Kane. There’s no end to it. All Glee was nothing but white people fantasy with POC as the background.

And don’t get me started on Seth MacFalene.


One thing I hate is stereotypes, if it wasn’t the power of the internet and Skynet…I mean Facebook. People will still think that Danish people wear wooden clogs all day. Man, Americans are a dumb bunch. But anywho one of the powers of Hollywood. Stereotype is the lazy man’s characteristics for a character. Now I’ll list the Stereotypes.

Black: Males; Brutes, Monkeys, thieving watermelon eating gangbangers.

Female: Loud, Sassy, neck jerking, and a hoodrat. Might possibly kill someone over a Nigga Moment. (Boondocks) Expect baby momma drama

Latino: Almost the same as Black people, but, eats a lot of beans and rice, drives in crazy cars and blasting loud Reggieton music.

Female: Like the black woman, she is loud and sassy, but can be sexier. She also wears tighter clothes.

Asian: Males: Unsexy, geeky, knows Kung Fu. Will die for honor.

Female: School girl geisha outfit wearing, tentacles fighting, dragon lady. Will be villain against the pure white people. Or just other woman for the white guy to conquer.

White People: Man: Strong, kind, heroic, and the American Way. The Chosen One

Female: Pure, innocent, caring, and Black Man’s Krytonite.

You see the problem with those stereotypes. Hollywood uses them all the time. Now some might say that “Javan it’s not that bad.” Since the dawn of films, minorities have been thrown under the bus. WOC had it worst. Has it change, given..during the 80’s and 90’s we saw the raise of Spike Lee and a lot of black films. But when they started to add rappers. When that happened we know that the black industry went down for a brief time. So since then no white guy wanted to add a black actor to the film.

White Washing.

Now remember black face, when white actors put a black face. Well now they are still doing that. I can go on, but it would be like beating a annoying horse. But here is the recent link on white washing. RVCbard’s Article

Chosen Race:

When I think someone of saving the world, I don’t expect Shia LaBoof to be screaming all the time and basically a weak character. Me personally I hate the “Chosen one” plot. Like why does the world rest on the shoulders of someone? I always hated it. And it’s the same old thing every movie. White kid is the chosen one. This is like Mighty Whitey’s twin topic. This another thing that

Role of Women:

Ok don’t get me wrong, I do like sexy and attractive women. But they have to do more than just looking sexy. I mean if it’s like a pointless scene like this, and it has no bearing on the plot, I sorry you fail. Like if movies can do “realism” to the gys, why not the women. Like take Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell. Ok there were scenes with the Major naked or wearing a skin suit. But it wasn’t like ecchi, you saw in the beginning of the movie when they created her body from scratch, and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, what made the movie very good was that you saw a woman finding herself not like a cheap romance flick starring Jennifer Aniston. You were actually invested in what she was looking for. Granted the manga is different and the doujin circles are crazy terrible, but the movie and Stand Alone Complex, Major wasn’t just eye candy she was complex. Now if the role was a male, it would be just a boring anime, but since it was a woman it was better to understand. With Hollywood’s problem, they like to have the woman just shut up and stand look sexy. Like, I came to see the movie not Halle Berry’s chest and oral sex jokes.

Things that grind my gears:

Long ago when I was watching Heroes, I liked the first season but later on the story was getting boring and the POC characters was treated like crap. Women were weak as usual. For more info: Look up Heroes under “tvtropesorg UnfortunateImplications LiveActionTV”  So I wanted to see more shows that had the same formula people with powers. Like I stated above like anime as much as Mr. Upkins likes comicbooks ( I swear we’re like almost like Prof X and Magento) but I wasn’t included. Like I see white people and white people but it had no black people. So I decided to plan out my own story. After talking some ideas with my mom, I penned the plot, high school kids with powers. Much inspired by Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Darker than Black, with Tokyo Majin. So I ran into Marvel Comics The Runaways. After reading the first two trade backs and some spoilers, I never felt unconformable. Like they have the set up right, but when I found out that the sole black character Alex Wilder (mind you he looks stereotypical) was the villain. What the frak? Ok given they have Xavin a POC  gay alien, but even that that is wrong. Why do they have to make a gay woman of color an alien? So that turned me off. Some might say that Javan It’s progressive. Then how come it’s written by a couple of white guys. Mind you when they have a white guy writing a story with POC characters and females it raises the red flag. But back to Alex, now you might say, “Javan you read only the first two trade books.”  I follow this, the first issue, volume, season scene and character that comes on the set can make and break the whole thing. So after futher research I found out that here’s what they have for the black villain parents, they are the Thieves. That’s the most stupid and racist thing I heard. I mean they can be the eye, the spy, the scientist, but no there are just powerless thieves. Like the stereotypes above, I find that problematic even for a villain. Out of the whole team the Black guy was the mole. Mind you white guys have always hogged the heroic leadership roles, now they give it to a black guy and he’s the mole with no powers. Please note in movies and in comic books there are a but so few young black men. Only good one was Static Shock. That what made me put the book down, to its credit Heroes and Runaways gave me some ideas for my story. Like people with powers, Black guy and Asian girl coupling (I know it’s sound weird) and a good storyline.

For those who say it’s a progressive comic, mind you Marvel is ran by white guys who like the draw women’s chest over storyling.  Here’s what Malcolm X say about comics and media progressiveness.

Now there are remedies. You can’t heal with same remedies, but it still takes remedies. Like here’s how to make a good storyline featuring two woman.

Plot: A cowboy FBI agent Asuka Sanada meet her new partner Isabella Flores a cyborg from Puerto Rican Government Agency. They must stop a crime syndicate from selling illegal bodyparts.

Sanada is a tomboy who breaks the rules to get the job done.

Flores is a Cyborg Agent sent to help the FBI with it’s investigation. Lost most of her body to a terrorist attack.

See good storyline with two leading women and it’s a regular cop story. No gushy romance, no girl on girl action. Just a storyline. How hard is that?

With Race:

A team of college and High School students, A latina college student, Black Male high school junior, Japanese College Football Player and a Cherokee choir girl. Lead by a Middle Eastern female College professor (much like Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell), must solve a plagiarized mystery that involves corruption and murder.

Now without using stereotypes, I made another plot for a movie. It was easy. Now granted, you may have other writers, actor and blah blah. But If everyone work in sync with each other in Hollywood people can make a good movie without marginalization.

Until Hollywood and mainstream white media their their act together, I say this. If one thing is bad then everything is bad. So I’m boycotting Hollywood and Mainstream media. I keep my TV off and and sit at home reading.  Next time I’ll talk about Martial Art Movie and The black Community.