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Interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn about Drive:

CHEW-BOSE: Ok. So, let’s talk about Carey Mulligan. At first I was bit unsure of her as Irene…

REFN: Well, in the novel, she’s Hispanic…

CHEW-BOSE: You’ve mentioned that you see some hints of Molly Ringwald in her. You’re also going to work again with her. As a director, what draws you to her acting?

REFN: Working with her is terrific. She moved in to my wife’s and my house in Los Angeles and lived with us. So we became very close. She’s an amazing actress. I was meeting many other actresses, great actresses, for this role of Irene, but there was nothing for me that was clicking. And I didn’t know why because there was so much talent around me. And I never thought of Carey Mulligan for the movie. And it really came about that I got a call from her agent asking if I’d meet with her, and I hadn’t even seen any of her movies. My wife had seen An Education and so had my mother, and said it was very good. So I said, “Sure we can meet, come to the house.” Everybody had to come to the house. She came a few days later, and I was really confused, and irritated, and desperate why I couldn’t find Irene, because we were getting closer and closer to the start date. The minute she walked through the door, I said, “You’re it.”

CHEW-BOSE: What was “it” about her?

REFN: I knew that I would want to protect her. And she reminded me of my wife in a way, because she felt so pure that I could now, be the driver of the movie. I knew I could destroy anything around me to protect her.

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  1. “I knew I could destroy anything around me to protect her.”

    It it me or that sounds a bit creepy. So a white girl comes in a automatic she gets the part. Ok another movie goes on my crap list

  2. Yeah, he just brushed aside the fact that the character was Hispanic in the book, and then acts all fatherly and protective of the white actress because he knew her.

    And that bit about her being so pure like his wife?

    Whenever someone uses pure, I feel dirty for reading it. It carries a certain sex fetish of not having been touched that makes my skin crawl.

  3. White actor/actress in a non-white role: SO PROGRESSIVE GOOD FOR HIM/HER ACADEMY AWARD


    Damn, and I really wanted to see this too, if only for the Gosling…

  4. Wow. He practically just brushed the fact that the character is Hispanic to have a white girl play her part. I don’t know what to say about this one…Or actually, I don’t know what to say about this that hasn’t already been said by other folks.

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