From The Wall To The Rail

So it appears that the reboot of virtually the entire line of a comic book company has one other unexpected effect. Dramatic weight loss. Amanda Waller, one of the few full figured women in comics, the badass who even Lex Luthor and Batman tread carefully around and hesitant to fuck with has now been reduced to a size zero.

The Wall has become the Rail.



3 thoughts on “From The Wall To The Rail

  1. I’m not entirely convinced that this individual is really Amanda Waller. How can we be sure she’s not a decoy hired to distract her enemies as she plays Chessmaster in the background and fucks up their shit?

    • You have no idea how much I wish that to be true.

      What’s ironic is that for however much DC is pushing this reboot to bring in more and more new readers, and bring back some old ones, I keep on finding that much more stuff to keep me away.

    • *hangs head*

      If only, if only, if only–I’m ever liking DC even less. I’ll admit that at first I thought she’d be the typical big & sassy/mammy black woman stereotype but they kinda proved me wrong on that. Plus in an industry/universe where everyone is 6+ft, trim and built with an eye towards statuesque ideals, she was an awesome change both in appearance and her character’s “superpowers.”

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