4 thoughts on “Color me unsurprised

      • Yeah, I gotta agree. When I first saw this entry, I wasn’t doubtful that they’d made such a horrible game, I was just stunned at the idea that so many stupid people thought it was a good idea and gave it the green light.

        Just… even in jest, this is such a BAD idea! The only way this worked was a skit on Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy, wherein white people paid for a trip to a pretend plantation where they were treated like slaves. up to and including beatings and whippings.

        This game is… what the hell… fake or not, what the hell were those people thinking? Some thought had to have gone into this… sure, it was purely ignorant thought, but some neurons must have been firing here!

  1. So let me get this straight: POC are not bankable when it comes to show casing them in films. Casting directors can whitewash a movie or have a all white cast. Now they want to exploit the worst time in History. I have nothing to say about media as a whole.

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