DC And Diversity

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I am very pleased to be here contributing to this fine blog, having been referenced here by Neo-Prodigy and encouraged to contribute as well. I’ve been a fan of comics and pop culture since I could read and watch the TV, and some of my fondest memories of superheroes belongs to watching the old, 60s animated Spider-Man series (all voiced by fellow Canadians from CBC).

However, while fiction can be an escape from some of the prejudices and bigotry of real life, it appears that not only has this been not the case, but such prejudices and bigotry has been kept firmly in place and in such a way as to not use the language that most of us keep a keen eye and ear out for.

Today, I am posting two videos I’ve made about DC Comics, and how they’ve been dropping the ball as of late with regards to diversity not only along gender lines but racial as well. Everyone knows about the upcoming reboot called Flashpoint coming up this year, in which 52 new titles are being released, and out of all the people working on the books, only 1 percent, 2 white women, are working on it.

I hope that everyone enjoys the videos and that if I’ve missed anything, then please feel free to point it out. I do my best to catch myself and watch my own privilege, but there is always room for improvement.

Comics Rant #1 – Flashpoint

Comics Rant #2 – DC Hates Diversity

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